Increase Your Daily Business with Free Standing Plexiglass Dividers

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The reopening of restaurants across the nation has been stressful to say the least. We know that at Connect Partitions.  This is why our products are here to help with the safety protocol put in place to keep everyone safe. Our free standing plexiglass dividers can help with that.

High Quality, Yet Thin, Material

Our restaurant partitions are some of the best free standing plexiglass dividers on the market. Not only are they made from commercial grade plexiglass, but they’re thin and lightweight because of that. Offering the best protection for customers and staff, our free standing plexiglass dividers can be spread out throughout a restaurant’s seating without limiting table space. 

Some restaurant partitions are clunky and hard to lug around, while ours offer easy mobility, easy cleaning, and easy protection. They also adhere to most city or state protocol. Restaurants can easily increase their daily business with our free standing plexiglass dividers. They offer the most protection for everyone, while their sleek build offers more than just a hygienic solution. 

More Table Space

Our plexiglass dividers for restaurants not only combat germs, but free up tables that might have been off limits due to social distancing. Think of our partitions as a solution to the six foot rule. Although some states and cities still require parties to be six feet apart within the interior of a restaurant, nonporous barriers, such as our partitions, can increase table space and decrease the amount of empty space between groups of people. 

Free Standing Plexiglass Dividers Make Adjustments Easy

In the dining industry, especially in today’s society, changes are constantly happening to stay on top of the pandemic. Our partitions are easily to move around and installation is a breeze.  Create a hygienic and customer-friendly vibe with our partitions. Not only do they keep people safe, but they create a new atmosphere, too.  Table space can be easily maximized when our partitions are efficiently installed throughout the interior space of any restaurant. 

Reopen Your Restaurant with Restaurant Partitions

Is your restaurant in the reopening phase?

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