Invest in Plexiglass Partitions, Not Sneeze Guards

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Are you in the phase of considering the reopening of your restaurant or cafe? Connect Partitions wants to be by your side to help you through this stressful process. One item on your checklist is investing in restaurant partitions, not sneeze guards. 

When you imagine your restaurant with partitions, Connect Partitions wants you to think “durable,” “sanitizable,” and “stylish.” One phrase that a lot of restaurants and businesses are using for partitions is “sneeze guards.” This is not the type of product we sell, as it can scare customers away.  “Sneeze guards” and “splash guards” aren’t meant to be in your classy, upscale, or even family friendly restaurant. At Connect Partitions, we sell classy, elegant, and customizable plexiglass restaurant partitions. 

Reopen in Style 

When you reopen your dining space, we want you to feature our restaurant partitions. That’s right! Show them off – they are customizable so you can feature your logo or brand name on them. Our plexiglass partitions are also easy to sanitize and stay sanitized longer than your average partitions that are made of typical materials. 

More Durable & Longer Lasting

Connect Partitions makes our products for a reason – to protect your restaurant and its daily customers. Plexiglass partitions will be a part of the restaurant industry for time to come, so make a smart investment today. You and your crew will find yourself at ease knowing everyone is safe, clean, and still easily visible and able to communicate without difficult through our plexiglass partitions. 

Sneeze guards, and the terms that circle around it, such as splash guards, can distract your customers from actually enjoying their time in your high quality restaurant. At Connect Partitions, we take pride in our durable and long lasting partitions. They are hand crafted from commercial grade material that you’ll find your restaurant, bar, cafe, or lounge using far into the future. 

Barriers Meant To Protect In A Sophisticated Way

Sneeze guards can come off the tongue in a way that customers don’t want to hear. Our plexiglass partitions made from high grade acrylic material can be described as a sophisticated barrier between your restaurant’s servers and its customers. 

With their transparent look, and sophisticated design, Connect Partitions restaurant partitions should be featured in all sections on your dining area – bar tops, countertops, tables, booths, and benches. They are highly adaptable and will bring great value to your restaurant that you didn’t think a plexiglass partition could do. 

Peace of Mind For Your Customers

Sneeze guards and splash guards can give the impression of a more barbaric term that Connect Partitions strays away from. Our high class plexiglass partitions for restaurants stand tall for a reason.  They’re durable, transparent, easy to clean and stay clean. They give your customers the peace of mind they’ve been hoping for. 

Reopening your restaurant, bar, or cafe may seem like a stressful journey that you’re about to take, but at Connect Partitions, our custom made partitions are meant to make the process easy. The number one thing you want to make sure your restaurant encounters when it reopens those doors is to ensure the safety and peace of mind of your customers or clients. Connect Partitions gives you that ability.


At Connect Partitions, we specialize in quality made plexiglass partitions, not sneeze guards. We want the dining industry to reopen in peace. But also in style and on time under the current restaurant industry’s circumstances. Connect Partitions stands tall with you, and so can our plexiglass partitions. Make the smart investment today with our highly requested restaurant partitions. 


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