Keeping Customers Satisfied With Our Plexiglass Restaurant Partitions

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Restaurants have taken a beating in the last few months with the pandemic situation. Connect Partitions wants you to know that we are in this together with you – let’s bring on the partitions for your restaurant!  Although reopening to the public might seem stressful, Connect Partitions makes it easier with our plexiglass restaurant partitions. 

Not only are they mobile and easy to move around in a tight space, but they’re stylish and can be customized with your restaurant’s logo or brand name. We don’t want you to have some type of boring, thick plastic or glass partition. Connect Partitions offers commercial grade plexiglass restaurant partitions that can fit just about everywhere in your space. 

    • Bars and Bar Tops Plexiglass Restaurant Partitions

With summer right around the corner, your customers will be itching to come back to your bar to enjoy an ice cold beer on tap. Our restaurant partitions can fit between bar stools, through bar tops, and much more. Depending on the style of your restaurant and how many bar or bar top partitions you may need, Connect Partitions has you covered. Although some states, such as Massachusetts, require bar seating only for sitting customers, our bar and bar top partitions are the perfect addition for your newly partitioned restaurant.  Please check your state or city’s guidelines for regularly updated guidelines in regards to bar areas.

    • Booths and Benches 

Most restaurants have some type of booths or benches for its customers. Whether they are shared with other parties or are just close together due to space restrictions within your restaurant, Connect Partitions wants you to know we can help with this issue.   

Our partitions are easy to maneuver between tables, booths, benches, and chairs. Not only do they offer a sense of privacy between groups or parties, but they also offer a sense of security and safeness you won’t find anywhere else. 

    • Tables

Some restaurants are exclusively tables. This can hurt a business especially if social distancing is the only way they are going to comply with the rules and regulations of these new reopening phases. Fortunately, our table partitions make it easy to keep all your tables open and available throughout your daily hours. No need to remove a table here and there, or every six feet apart. Connect Partitions has table options that make it so much easier and beneficial for both you and your customers to feel safe and stay safe. 

    • Counter Tops

Our restaurant partitions can also be fitted on counter tops, whether it be in the bar area, the kitchen, or on tables.  Connect Partitions has a wide variety of restaurant partitions to choose from that your restaurant sure could use for its many in and out customers looking for a quick bite to eat. 

Overview of our Plexiglass Restaurant Partitions

Our restaurant partitions also keep you and your restaurant protected under the strict reopening guidelines of the pandemic, as well. Not only are our restaurant partitions just to keep your customers safe and healthy, but they also keep your staff members protected as well. By putting one of our partitions where your staff members live on their 8 hour shift, let’s say the front desk for example, you can ensure they are abiding by the reopening phase guidelines, too. 

Overall, our restaurant partitions will be a vital part of your restaurant’s reopening phase. Connect Partitions wants to be a part of your new success!


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