Keeping Staff Safe with Plexiglass Barriers for Restaurants

plexiglass barriers for staff

If you own a restaurant, you know the importance of keeping your staff safe and protected. After all, those are the people that keep your business up and running, besides your customers. Our plexiglass barriers for restaurants can help keep them the safest in one of the most vulnerable environments now. 

Going Back to Work in a Safer Environment

Our plexiglass barriers for restaurants combat the spread of germs. When a restaurant partners with Connect Partitions, we make sure our products are the perfect match for their space.  Although our products may be lightweight and transparent, they get the job done efficiently. 

They’re easy to clean and stay clean for long periods of time, but we suggest cleaning them on a regular basis to reduce the spread of any germs even more, especially in the restaurant industry where groups of people are constantly in contact with them.

We want restaurants around the nation to make sure their staff and employees feel safe going back to work when they’re ready, but we also want our partitions to be less obtrusive and more people-friendly for businesses, such as restaurants with high customer demand. 

Employees Can Work More Efficiently with Plexiglass Barriers

Sometimes it can be distracting when employees are faced with a crowded restaurant on a daily basis.  Dining areas have become limited to comply with strict guidelines.  At the same time, this new type of work environment can be stressful for staff. With PPE in place now, employees need to learn how to work efficiently and serve their customers in a new manner. With our plexiglass barriers, we can give your restaurant a safe vibe.  Your staff can work more efficiently knowing they are protected, as well. 

Our plexiglass barriers offer such a strong sense of privacy for customers while still maintaining their sleek look of your restaurant. This creates a less stressful environment for both staff and customers. Not only does Connect Partitions strive to keep restaurants profitable, but we want their employees to go back to their normal work routines and feel comfortable doing so

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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