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movable restaurant partitions

The pandemic first made its wave here in the United States over a year ago now. All businesses have taken a hit. But the restaurant industry, in particular, is what is still hurting more than a year later. Personal protective equipment is not enough to protect yourself from airborne germs. Restaurants need to take advantage of plexiglass partitions. Our movable restaurant partitions are one way you can assure safety and protectiveness in your restaurant while maintaining your restaurant’s layout.

Easy to Move Around

Our partitions can increase your restaurant’s seating arrangement in a matter of minutes. The way we design all of our restaurant protective equipment makes them easy to wheel around, connect to one another, and move in between tables, booths, and benches quickly.

We design all of our partitions to be super durable, yet lightweight. This makes setting up your restaurant easy to adhere to. Depending on the model you decide to go with, we craft our partitions with two wheels that contain magnets. This makes connecting multiple partitions an easy set up within minutes as we mentioned before.

Other partitions on the market are bulky, heavy, and aren’t that user-friendly. This is especially difficult for today’s environment where the protocol is constantly in effect and constantly changing. We design our partitions with lightweight materials, yet durable materials, to keep your restaurant up and running.

Easy Temporary Solution

Is the layout of your restaurant constantly changing to stay up to code with the latest safety guidelines? Every state has different guidelines, but maintaining six feet between parties seems to the standard in a lot of areas. Where socially distancing tables aren’t available, that’s when our movable restaurant partitions come in handy. 

As you may already know by now, our partitions use durable plexiglass and powder-coated steel for the base.   We use this commercial-grade material and a strong metal base with wheels to help make your layout easy and simple to set up. Our products are the easiest way to increase your restaurant’s capacity. 

Since our partitions are lightweight and come standard with wheels, they are super easy to store. We understand that you don’t want partitions to be apart of your dining room for the future. But right now, it’s the best product on the market to help keep your restaurant’s doors open. We make your life easier at the end of the day. When you decide partitions are no longer needed, you can easily store them. As their design is sleek and thin, you will be able to store multiple partitions in a closet or storage unit without any problems. You should start taking advantage of our partitions while giving your restaurant a permanently safe vibe for the time being.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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