Moveable Partitions Walls for Any Type of Restaurant Environment

moveable partitions

Our moveable partitions are one reason restaurants across the nation love our products. They are highly functionable for any style of restaurant. With the materials we chose to design every one of our partitions with, restaurants are reopening with ease and speed. 

Highly Mobile Restaurant Partitions

All of our moveable partitions are lightweight, and come standard with wheels on the base to make our partitions easier to arrange. Staff can easily move our mobile restaurant partitions to different parts of the restaurant within minutes. Our moveable partitions are easy to wheel in and separate groups of people quickly. This is a quick solution for separating large and small parties in between dining. Give customers peace of mind, as well as the privacy to enjoy their meal and drinks with a beautiful divider.

With our highly moveable partitions, you can expect nothing less of a safe, peaceful, and beautiful experience for your restaurant’s most important aspects – customers and staff.

Easy to Store Moveable Partitions

Our moveable partitions are easy to store, as well. With the thin, lightweight material, they are easy to wheel around in storage closets or rooms while still maximizing space.  They can easily be placed back to back to minimize clutter space. Although we expect the pandemic to impact restaurants the longest, our partitions can easily be stored to make your restaurant full capacity again. 

Sleek Structures

Although moveable partitions might sound bulky to make up for them being highly mobile, they remain sleek, thin, and lightweight. Most importantly, they are highly discreet for restaurants. We don’t want our products to be obtrusive. 

We understand that restaurants are losing an enormous amount of customer traffic because of socially distanced tables. In some states, plexiglass dividers can be used to decrease the space between tables. They must be a certain height, thickness, and a few other characteristics to ensure safety. 

Our partitions come standard with commercial grade materials, while remaining sleek and desirable for the restaurant industry. We make it easier for restaurants to reopen and grow with our moveable partition’s versatile functions. They also make social distancing easier to manage.


Please check your state’s guidelines to ensure you are following correct protocol for your restaurant.

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