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Are you currently offering outdoor and patio seating at your restaurant? Even if you’re not, it might seem like a necessity for you to keep your restaurant business in the green. Learn more about outdoor patio partitions options in this great read below.

Connect Partitions makes our partitions in such a diverse way, that you can virtually use them anywhere. They are lightweight, easy to move around on their wheels while adding durability, and can connect into place without difficulty. 

Adhere to Strict Guidelines with Ease

We know restaurants need to adhere to the strict guidelines of reopening their businesses, but outdoor dining options can still have its challenges. That’s why we created a solution for it. Although some states require a 6 foot distance between tables, even if they are outside, other states require a divider or partition between individual parties and even their staff members. Our outdoor patio partitions make that possible. 

Because they are made to be used in a diverse amount of settings, take advantage of using our outdoor patio partitions for your restaurant today. Not only do they adhere to the strict guidelines you, as a restaurant owner, need to adhere to, but they add a layer of exterior design that can be hard to achieve on a patio setting.  

Maintain Your Usual Outdoor Seating Arrangement

We also don’t want you losing out on valuable seating space that you could be taking advantage of with our outdoor patio partitions. When you invest in these, it makes social distancing that much easier for your customers and your wait staff. With the way you set up your outdoor seating arrangement currently, it could be hard for your waiters and waitresses to maneuver around with drinks and food trays. Our outdoor patio partitions make it easy to maintain your usual outdoor seating arrangement that everyone is used to. 

Create an Illusion of Privacy

Outdoor dining options may not seem like the most private or intimate setting for a restaurant, but our outdoor patio partitions can create that atmosphere.

When eating outdoors, it’s important to maintain your surroundings. Customers want to see what’s going on outside and around them at all times. Our plexiglass partitions offer transparency, which don’t obstruct your customers from enjoying their outdoor experience. 

What most restaurant owners might overlook is the illusion of privacy that our outdoor dining partitions offer its customers. Our partitions might be transparent and lightweight, but they separate parties from other parties sharing the same outdoor common space. Although not soundproof, they do help drastically with the level of noise between groups to help keep their private conversations private.  Learn more in our other educational read, 10 Things You Must Know About Restaurant Partitions.

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