Outdoor Patio Partitions for Restaurants – Serve Safely

Outdoor Patio Partitions

We are all dreaming of warmer months right about now. As February closes out, spring is right around the corner. This means it’s not too early to start planning your outdoor seating for customers. Our outdoor patio partitions for restaurants are a great way to continue to serve customers safely. 

Customizable Outdoor Patio Partitions

We know that eating outdoors might put your customers more at ease already. But our partitions can make their experience even safer.

Our outdoor patio partitions are highly customizable, meaning restaurants can pick from numerous pre-designed patterns. Restaurants struggle to reopen their doors to this day, but to this day, we make it easy to reopen under strict guidelines.

Even socially distancing tables and booths can be a pain and cause a huge loss on daily profit. That’s why we’ve created our restaurant partitions – to increase restaurants’ table count and add another design layer while keeping customers safe. Our patterns are designed specifically for a restaurant’s environment, which is why our partitions are perfect for their space.

Outdoor Drink Rails

Our exterior partition walls with drink rails are a great way to continue to adhere to social distancing in an efficient, adaptable way. This gives customers peace of mind with a design-forward, sophisticated look.  By amplifying outdoor seating for Massachusetts restaurants, it’s an easy way to bring in more customers to an even safer environment. 

You can also string lights and other accessories to our outdoor patio partitions for a better vibe. We don’t want your patio to look like it is full of PPE. We want to create a safe, yet adaptable way to stay protected during these difficult times.

Last a Lifetime

All of our products are finished in a highly durable AR MR coat. This basically means they’re anti-reflective and able to withstand sun damage and deep scratches. We know what harsh weathering an outdoor seating area can bring. That’s why we design partitions that can withstand virtually any conditions. They also come standard with a steel powder-coated frame that allows for maximum durability against the weather. 

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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Reopen safely and efficiently in New England! Learn more with our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions e-book.

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