Outdoor Restaurant Barriers – Keeping Everyone Safe On The Patio

outdoor restaurant barriers

Restaurants across the nation are struggling to keep even their outdoor patio safe for customers and staff. Although some states are pushing outdoor seating for customers, summer is coming to an end. Most states are seasonal for restaurant outdoor seating arrangements. But there are states that will continue to take advantage of their outdoor patio. It is easy to feel somewhat safer in an outdoor environment. Our outdoor restaurant barriers can make customers feel even more at ease.

Outdoor Bar Top Barriers

We’ve come up with several designs that restaurants can fully benefit from. From our table top, bar and counter top, and even drink rail partitions, the way restaurants can organize their patio space is limitless with our outdoor protective barriers. Some states require that bars remain close to decrease the risk of spreading germs even further, while other states require plexiglass barriers or non-porous barriers be intact to bar tops to serve customers. 

Whatever the guidelines or laws are within your state, you can count on us to have your back. We understand that outdoor bar areas come and go with the seasons every year. For the outdoor bars that remain open year round, our bar and counter top partitions are the perfect solution to keep your doors open. Although some states still require social distancing with plexiglass barriers, it’s better to have them in place to allow seating in those bar areas at all. 

Exterior Walls with Drink Rails

Although all of our protective barriers can be used indoors or outdoors, we specialize in one product that is specifically for outdoor environments. Our exterior walls with drink rails are the perfect product to spruce up any restaurant’s patio. Not only are they protective barriers, but they’re beautifully designed to give a restaurant patio another layer of design. Drinks can be rested on the rail, and even string lights can be hung from the top bars. There are so many different ways our outdoor restaurant barriers can add to a restaurant’s patio seating area.

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