Outdoor Restaurant Barriers – Stay Safe, Yet Social

outdoor restaurant barriers

New England is a hub for outdoor dining nowadays. If it wasn’t as popular as it was before COVID-19, it sure is now. Connect Partitions focuses its business in New England, particularly Massachusetts. But we ship our partitions nationwide. As the warmer weather creeps back in, our outdoor restaurant barriers will be another popular hit this season. 

Stay Safe

Our outdoor restaurant barriers are meant to keep everyone safe. We know indoor seating can easily be more protected with the installation of partitions. But when it’s nice out, people prefer to sit outside in the sun. With the pandemic still lingering, outdoor seating is usually the first choice where people prefer to dine at a restaurant.  They believe it’s safer because it’s not enclosed and there is better air circulation.

Although you might think outdoor restaurant barriers serve a redundant purpose, they actually help in more ways than one. When dining outdoors, germs are still airborne.  When you invest in partitions from Connect Partitions, you can easily increase your outdoor seating area, too. Don’t worry about keeping tables separated six feet. Our partitions can easily make for a more enjoyable and safer experience outside.

Stay Social with Outdoor Restaurant Barriers, Too

We offer many outdoor restaurant barriers for your restaurant’s patio. You will definitely find benefits from whichever product line you choose from. Our table partitions are the most popular, followed by booth partitions. But when dining outdoors, chances are your area is limited to most tables. This is when our outdoor restaurant barriers for tables can certainly come in handy. 

If you have an outdoor bar, don’t stress out about losing bar service. Depending on your official guidelines and protocol measures, we offer bar top and countertop partitions that can fit at your bar! People will be able to gather at your bar without six feet between them when our bar top partitions are installed. We also understand that the bar seating and standing arrangements are constantly changing when parties come and go. Fortunately, our bar top partitions can slide right into place. They come standard with wheels on the base. This makes it even easier to move and store them within minutes.

There are so many different ways our outdoor restaurant barriers can rescue your outdoor seating arrangements. You can never have enough protection for days as uncertain as these.

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