Outdoor Restaurant Partitions – Why You Should Invest Now

outdoor restaurant partitions

February in Massachusetts. You can already imagine the amounts of snow we have gotten so far this month, let alone the whole winter season. Outdoor dining isn’t really an option here right now, but there are warmer locations across the nation that are still taking advantage of outdoor dining. Customers are leaning to dine outdoors more than ever now that the coronavirus has made its mark here. And our outdoor restaurant partitions can make that safe dining experience even safer.

Spring is Around the Corner

As we mentioned, New England is being hit with snow left and right this month. But if you own a restaurant in one of these states, it’s never too soon to start planning for the spring and summer seasons that are right around the corner. Outdoor dining will continue to be more popular than outdoor dining once again in the warmer months. It doesn’t matter where your restaurant is located. It’s time to partner with Connect Partitions and get your hands on outdoor restaurant partitions. We know that eating outdoors is the safest option as air is free to flow. But outdoor restaurant partitions do make it safer for your customers and staff. It can stop the spread even further and leave your customers feeling safer. If your patio area is rather right and tables are positioned close together, outdoor restaurant partitions are definitely the next purchase you need to consider. When social distancing tables aren’t possible, our partitions can be used in place. 

Restaurant Drink Rail Partitions

We love to come up with new products that help restaurants in every way possible.  One product that we were happy to introduce last summer was our stylish partition walls with rails for your restaurant. You can easily separate one party from the next with these custom outdoor partitions. Made from sapele mahogany and steel, you can bring on the style, yet protectiveness, with our drink rail partitions.  Maintain social distancing in an efficient, adaptable way with Connect Partition’s drink rails. 

Maintain Your Average Amount of Customers

Opening to your full capacity after more than a year of strict guidelines can be quite the challenge. This is especially difficult if you don’t have the correct PPE for your staff and customers.  Although social distancing rules will remain in place and can limit the number of customers in your restaurant at one time, our outdoor restaurant partitions can help ease the spread of germs that you may come into contact with daily, even outside.

Our partitions make it easier to serve customers quickly compared to other bulky and obstructive partitions on the market.  With this benefit, you can grow your restaurant back to its full capacity by having customers inside and outside! We want to make sure you can grow to a healthy amount of daily customers in no time.

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