Personal Partition Screens – Dine in Peace & Privacy

personal partitions screens

Connect Partitions strives to make restaurants a normal place again. After the pandemic hit, restaurants were closing one after the other. Not only do we hate to see the dining industry falling apart, but we strive to keep the remaining ones on their feet. That’s why are personal partitions screens can help you reopen safely.

Dine in Peace

Our personal partitions screens are meant to help customers feel at peace. That’s why we create a modern solution to a very modern problem. Most plastic barriers or sneeze guards on the market today are a quick fix for a complex problem. But they’re bulky, heavy, and downright obstructive.

Our craftsmen and custom furniture designers specialize in restaurant partitions to keep customers and employees feeling safe and at peace. Our products are optimized towards restaurants. We want customers to walk in and overlook our products. Although they are part of the safety protocol for most restaurants, they can blend into any environment. Don’t destroy the look of your restaurant. Consider investing in our sleek, lightweight, and moveable partitions.

Our restaurant partitions are one way you can keep customers safe and give them peace of mind.  With our personal safety screens, customers can expect nothing less of a safe and peaceful dining experience. 

Dine in Privacy with Personal Partitions Screens

Don’t destroy the look of your restaurant. Our personal safety screens can offer privacy, as well. Although they are for safety measures mainly, we consider customers’ dining experiences, too. Restaurants try so hard to get the look and feel of their restaurant a certain aesthetic. At Connect Partitions, our personal safety screens offer a sense of privacy to keep customers dining in peace, too.

Our personal safety screens offer such a strong sense of privacy, while still maintaining their sleek look.  Make your restaurant a less stressful looking environment. Our partitions are custom built and affordable, even for small local places that might need our custom partitions in the near future. Not only does Connect Partitions strive to keep restaurants afloat.  But we want customers and employees to feel as if their work environment hasn’t changed drastically in the first place.

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