Plexiglass Partitions – Create More Safe Seating In Your Restaurant

safe seating with plexiglass partitions

At Connect Partitions, we understand the pain points that restaurants are facing across the nation. Regardless of location, the coronavirus and its many surges have taken a toll on the dining industry. People are starting to feel less at ease eating out. Going out to eat with friends, family, and coworkers used to be a safe, fun experience. Now the norm is take out or cooking at home to stay safe. Fortunately, Connect Partitions creates plexiglass partitions that offer more safe seating within your restaurant. We want your customers to feel just as good as eating out as they used to before airborne germs were high risk.

Plexiglass Partitions Are Safe

One thing that restaurant owners are starting to realize is that PPE makes customers feel safe. Actually, it’s true. Our plexiglass partitions for restaurants offer the safest seating there is besides socially distanced tables. 

When you invest in plexiglass partitions, you are creating safe seating for your customers. They’re transparent, easy to clean and stay clean and offer a sense of safety for your staff and your customers.

Keep Your Staff Safe

By keeping your restaurant open to the public, you are putting your staff at risk every day. A few months ago, it was normal for wait staff to be laid off, but we understand that’s risky for them, as well. 

When you install plexiglass partitions, whether it’s at tables and booths or countertops, you are installing a layer of safety for your staff, too. We want to keep them protected just as much as the people walking in your doors. And unfortunately, it’s hard to determine who is safe to let in and who might be infected. Unless you are temperature checking all your patrons, there is always a high risk to spread germs. Our plexiglass partitions are one way to keep the spread low.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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