Plexiglass Partitions – Your Restaurant Can Reopen Unused Tables Again

plexiglass partitions

It’s almost spring in New England. More people take time off from work. And more people are off from school until next fall. This is a popular time for people to focus on fun activities. This includes bar hopping and dining out! If you think your restaurant will struggle again due to limited capacity, think again. Our plexiglass partitions will allow you to reopen unused tables again. Before partnering with us, check with your state’s protocol measures to make sure our partitions meet restaurant standards. 

Plexiglass Partitions that Meet State Protocol

Connect Partitions has its headquarters in Massachusetts. There have been several revisions to the coronavirus phases put in place by our state. From restaurants closing their doors for months to being able to serve take-out to having customers dine in at half capacity, we have seen it all! 

There are new regulations here as we continue to see improvements here in the state. Restaurants are now able to seat customers closer indoors when they have a nonporous barrier in between tables. Our partitions meet those standards. They must be a certain height and have certain characteristics. Fortunately, our partitions meet those guidelines. You will be able to open to almost full capacity again when you invest in our plexiglass partitions for restaurants.

Depending on what state you live in, there will be different protocol measures. Please check your city’s guidelines to make sure our partitions meet those standards. 

Ready to Open to Full Capacity?

We know restaurants are struggling to reopen to full capacity. This is no fault of their own. We can blame the coronavirus for taking a sweep at the dining industry.  

With our plexiglass partitions, you will find no trouble reopening to maximum capacity. In Massachusetts, some areas within restaurants require social distancing. This can limit your number of customers to some extent. But areas with tables, booths, and banquettes can benefit from our plexiglass partitions. Easily place them between those seating arrangements within minutes. Unlike other partitions on the market, ours come standard with wheels on the base. This makes it easy to move around and install. They come with magnets on the base, as well. This allows you to connect more than one together if you need to separate a larger section. Overall, our partitions are what your restaurant needs now!

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

Want to Learn More?

Reopen safely and efficiently in New England! Learn more with our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions e-book.

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