Portable Acrylic Partitions – Move Them Around Restaurants With Ease

portable acrylic partitions

Restaurants are reopening left and right. If yours isn’t already reopened to the public, what’s the reasoning? Is the capacity limit killing your profitability? Or could it be that take out and delivery are the only options in your area right now? In this blog post, we want to make sure you are taking advantage of our portable acrylic partitions if your dining room is open. We understand that every state and city has its safety guidelines. But for the restaurants that need a quick and safe solution to reopen their dining area, Connect Partitions can help.

Easy to Move Around

Our portable acrylic partitions are optimized for many sections of your restaurants. They can fit chairs and tables, counter and bar tops, and even booths and banquettes. Our partitions are one way to increase your daily capacity, as well as your daily profits. But please check with your local guidelines first to make sure our partitions meet your safety standards.

With the coronavirus still making a wave here, your restaurant is probably constantly evolving to meet protocol.  One day you might move tables around to try and increase your tablespace. The next day you might block off a few tables to allow for social distancing. With our portable acrylic partitions, you don’t have to move around any furniture within your restaurant. Just place our partitions where you see fit to increase your capacity within minutes. They are lightweight, making it an easy job for staff to increase capacity quickly. The day you are allowed to increase your capacity won’t be stressful anymore when you partner with Connect Partitions.

Our portable acrylic partitions also have durable caster wheels welded to one side of the partition base for easy moving, as well. These wheels are inset to reduce tripping hazards for your customers and employees and have a low profile of two inches, which meets egress requirements. In addition, their position on the base of the divider is so that the wheels are only engaged when the frame is tilted to approximately 20-30 degrees. We want to make reopening your restaurant quick and simple for everyone involved.

More Seating

Take advantage of our portable acrylic partitions. You can utilize them in any environment. This includes indoor and outdoor use. With spring right around the corner, you might want to consider these for your outdoor patio dining area, too!

You can easily increase your capacity within minutes when you roll out our portable acrylic partitions. That’s right – they have strong caster wheels welded onto the base as we mentioned before.  We also optimize our partitions for many sections of your restaurants. Connect Partitions has some of the most talented custom furniture designers that make our product particularly for the restaurant industry. We don’t want to see you struggle any longer. You should grab your free quote today while our products are in stock!

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