Portable Partition Walls – Keep Your Restaurant Protected

Portable Partitions Walls - Keep Your Restaurant Protected

Imagine what restaurant standards will look like in the far future. Will utilizing partitions still be standard practice?  Connect Partitions believes so. Can you remember the last time you had a cold or the flu? Now that the nation is used to practicing increased hygiene, we know portable partition walls for restaurants might be the new addition for restaurants all over. 

Use Portable Partition Walls Everywhere 

Our portable partition walls can be used virtually anywhere. We design them for tables, booths, bars, countertops, banquettes, and much more. Connect Partitions even has a line of outdoor partitions that allow for maximum safety and privacy when dining in your outdoor environment.  

We are confident that these products can last a lifetime. Because of their superior build, you will be able to use them indoors and outdoors while practicing social distancing in this new, acceptable way. They are also scratch-resistant and remain unaffected from sun damage because we coat them with an AR MR coating. All of the materials and labor we put into our partitions are to benefit restaurants, bars, and cafes around the nation. We want you to succeed again and regain your daily amount of customers because of our portable partition walls!

Generate More Business In Many Ways

Because our partitions are so versatile, you will be able to generate more business on a daily basis. As you know by now, our partitions are easy to move, lightweight, indoor and outdoor-friendly, and design-forward. These are all qualities that you should be looking for in partitions for your restaurant. We optimize them for the dining industry so restaurants can reopen faster than waiting for state officials to reduce social distancing guidelines.

Because of our portable partition walls, they have the ability to be installed within minutes. Although we offer floor design services and plans, don’t let that fool you from how easy our partitions are to actually set up. Most of our products include magnets and brackets incorporated into the side of the frames. This allows you to connect partitions together for a longer divided area or attach one to a wall if needed.  The options are limitless. Another reason that you could be generating more business!

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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