Practice Social Distancing in a New Way with Plexiglass Partitions

plexiglass partitions

Is your restaurant still practicing social distancing? We understand that this has been efficient in many ways. But it’s time to invest in our plexiglass partitions. These are a game-changer for restaurants across the nation!

Highly Durable

Our plexiglass partitions are made from a high-grade plexiglass material as well as a steel frame that allows for maximum security, transparency, and durability. Because of their structure, they are also very easy to sanitize. 

We coat our plexiglass partitions with an AR MR coating. This improves durability against sun damage and prevents scratching as a result of daily cleaning and sanitizing. Bleach, and other harsh cleaning products, are always in use nowadays. That’s why our products are highly durable to withstand any damage that might come their way.  On the other hand, AR coating is an antireflection coating.  MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both of these are made to really help the restaurant or food industry because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface.

Reopen Seating That Was Closed Off Before with Plexiglass Partitions

As your restaurant is constantly evolving to meet protocol, we make it easy to move our partitions around. They can easily fit between tables, booths, tables, and countertops. Our plexiglass partitions are extremely lightweight, easy to use, and easy to move around. Assemble them together to extend your partitioned areas with their magnetic frames. If you need to attach a partition to a wall, they come with a no-mess, easy to install bracket that leaves no damage to surfaces. 

They also have durable caster wheels welded to one side of the partition base for easy moving, as well. These wheels are inset to reduce tripping hazards for your customers and employees and have a low profile of two inches, which meets egress requirements. In addition, their position on the base of the divider is so that the wheels are only engaged when the frame is tilted to approximately 20-30 degrees. We want to make reopening your restaurant or business quick and simple.

Overall, our plexiglass partitions will make a stunning appearance in your business or restaurant. Besides being lightweight, durable, and transparent, they offer protection that you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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