Privacy Partitions for a Safe, Yet Intimate Experience

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Connect Partitions wants to assure your restaurant would be safe and protected. But also create an intimate feel for any style of restaurant. No matter the type of dining space, our intimate restaurant privacy partitions are meant to keep you protected and exclusive during your dining experience.

High End Restaurants

When you think of “fancy,” you think of a private, intimate setting where you aren’t that close with other guests while you wine and dine.  Under new protocol, restaurant partitions might be the first thing you want to invest in for your high end restaurant. Ours are unique to the dining industry, though.

Fortunately, at Connect Partitions, our restaurant partitions are just as high end and sophisticated as you’d hope for.  With their black metal and crisp edges, and durable plexiglass shielded material, you can continue your high end dining experience with our high end restaurant partitions to match the atmosphere. 

Don’t worry about destroying your current intimate restaurant vibe. When you invest in our partitions, you’re investing in not only an intimacy and privacy screen for your clientele, but a safety feature you can’t produce in any other way.

Family Style Restaurants 

Family style restaurants and chains are meant to be fun and noisy. But keep the fun and noise to each individual party. If your restaurant is on the smaller side, our partitions can easily slide into place to help with noise levels. They’re thin, yet highly durable to add a level of safety between individual groups, as well as adding that level of privacy. They might not be soundproof, but they do help with the level of noise between family parties to help keep their private conversations private. 

Brewery or Bars

Connect Partitions offers bar and countertop partitions to help maintain a level of privacy between parties. Whether you want to enjoy a tall glass of beer with your buddies or a nice glass of wine with your partner, our bar and countertop partitions make it possible to separate groups within seconds. Maintain intimacy and privacy, even at the bar, with our versatile partitions.

Restaurant Chains

Our floor planning and design services can really benefit your chain of restaurants. We make sure to adhere to your communities guidelines in regards to social distancing.  But we also make sure we are taking full advantage of the space you currently have to assure we are maintaining the fullest capacity. When you order our restaurant partitions in bulk for your restaurant chain, special pricing is available to make your life easier, as well. It’s time to add an intimate or private layer to your restaurant chain with our highly durable, yet thinly structured restaurant partitions. 


Connect Partitions is a company that specializes in modern solutions for modern problems. We want to make sure your restaurant adheres to the new rules that officials have put in place. Our restaurant partitions can accommodate you in those ways.  Also add a sophisticated look and level of privacy you can’t achieve easily with other brands of partitions.

Learn more in our other educational read that can help you determine your restaurant’s new intimate look and feel in 10 Things You Must Know About Restaurant Partitions.

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