Prolong Outdoor Dining With Our Durable & Weather Resistant Partitions

weather resistant partitions

Although New England might be the least likely to take advantage of the winter months with outdoor dining, there are many parts of the United States where outdoor dining is still an option. Our weather resistant partitions for restaurants are one safety measure that restaurants are benefitting from right now. In the heart of the winter, your restaurant can still strive both indoors and outdoors!

Durable & Weather Resistant

Connect Partitions is headquartered in Massachusetts. This is where outdoor dining has become very limited to customers. There are some places that are taking advantage of outdoor tents, fireplaces and firepits, and heat lamps. But those can only do so much before it’s unbearable to sit outside enjoyably. 

In some states, cold weather isn’t as hard as it is here in New England. That’s why we’ve designed restaurant partitions that are durable and weather resistant.  We want all restaurants, no matter the size, to take part in outdoor dining. It helps customers feel safer, knowing they aren’t in a vulnerable, enclosed environment. Our weather resistant partitions can last a lifetime in any type of weather because of their durable materials.  

If it starts to rain, snow, thunder or lightning out, our partitions can be left in that type of environment. We understand that weather is just as unpredictable as the pandemic. This is why our weather resistant partitions can be left in a jiffy without any worry of them being damaged. We want to make your outdoor dining area less stressful for you to manage, as well. We know that seating arrangements are most likely changing on a daily basis. So take advantage of our weather resistant partitions today. 

Transparency is Vital

Dining outdoors is all about the view. And right now, outdoor dining is about safety, as well. Luckily for your restaurant, our partitions offer all the transparency you need to keep an unobstructed and safe view for your paying customers. 

Being the transparent and high grade acrylic they are, they’re easy to communicate through and see around, even in your outdoor environment. Our partitions can blend into any type of ambiance or atmosphere, while also bringing positive attention to those who sit next to them.   

Our weather resistant partitions and their unobtrusive look and feel, unlike most bulky and unwelcoming partitions, are transparent, light weight, effective, and elegant. Make your dining area feel less stressful during the coronavirus surges. And keep your customers at ease!

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