Provide Additional Seating For Customers with Our Restaurant Partitions

restaurant partitions that can increase capacity

Connect Partitions strives to keep restaurants open across the nation. Although it takes all of us to keep large and small restaurants open, Connect Partitions continues to help one restaurant partition at a time. 

Increase Safety & Capacity Levels

Our restaurant partitions are one of a kind. With their unique structure and modern designs, our patent pending restaurant partitions are the perfect safety addition for your restaurant.  

Our restaurant partitions are more than just a safety measure. They are a modern solution for a modern problem. We understand what restaurants are going through. Strict safety protocol is limiting capacity, decreasing profitability, and making it harder for employees to do their job. 

Our partitions don’t just offer safety. They offer a new look for your restaurant. We don’t want your customers to dwell on the fact that there are major safety measures in their face. Our protective barriers are lightweight, sleek, and very modern. 

In addition to adding a new, yet modern look to your restaurant, they can also help increase capacity. Now, as the coronavirus surges across the nation again, some states are reducing capacity regardless of your safety protocol. Massachusetts is one of those states. Partitions, or plexiglass barriers, were being used to reduce the distance between tables. But, as of now, restaurants are required to serve only a quarter of their customers daily. 

Please check your local or state guidelines for the most updated information on restaurant safety.

Use Our Restaurant Partitions For Your Bar Seating

Although capacity limits are capped in most states for the moment, our government is constantly changing the guidelines. Capacity limits could increase as the pandemic falls yet again.

You might be wondering how you can increase your indoor seating, though. With such strict guidelines back in place, there are still ways to increase your restaurant seating. Although socially distanced tables are a must, bar seating can also be taken advantage of. Across the nation, bar areas have reopened slowly, yet surely. We make partitions that can fit around bar tops and countertops to increase safety and increase dining options. Although bars in your areas might still be requiring your bar to remain closed, our bar top partitions are a sure investment for the future. 

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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Reopen safely and efficiently in New England! Learn more with our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions e-book.

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