Reimagine Your Restaurant with Custom Plexiglass Partitions

custom plexiglass partitions for restaurants

With the coronavirus hitting the nation as the holidays come and go, restaurants are losing more business. In Massachusetts, where we specialize, restaurants are now at 25% capacity again. It can seem impossible to keep your restaurant afloat in times like these, but our custom plexiglass partitions can help you survive. 

Custom Plexiglass Partitions

Easily adjust to the new safety measurements put in place by your state because of our custom restaurant partitions. We make them to fit just about any type of table space. Use them one frame at a time. Join several together to create a longer divider depending on your restaurant’s layout . The frame of the divider has magnets incorporated into the structure of each partition for seamless assembly of multiple units. Connect Partitions makes life easy for you in difficult times like these.  

At Connect Partitions, we understand that there is nothing more important than keeping your customers safe during this uphill battle. We were seeing more and more people dine out again. But as the coronavirus surges yet again, we see restaurants losing their maximum capacity.

There are a lot of safety protocols your restaurant may need to follow. Our restaurant partitions are one way you can keep customers safe and give them peace of mind.  With our custom restaurant partitions, customers can expect nothing less of a safe and peaceful dining experience. 

Custom Designs To Keep It Modern

Our custom restaurant partitions can be personalized to your liking. You can choose from a variety of patterns that hide the real reason behind restaurant partitions. We know the harsh reality behind partitions. We don’t want to remind customers of it. That’s why our custom restaurant partitions are designed with a modern aspect.

Logos and custom branding is available to give your restaurant the personality it had before all these safety measures were a requirement. Connect Partitions understands restaurants are struggling to reopen. And stay open at that. Even socially distancing tables and booths can take away from your daily profits. That’s why we create our custom restaurant partitions – to increase restaurants’ table count and add another design layer while keeping customers safe. Our patterns are designed specifically for a restaurant’s environment, which is why our partitions are perfect for your space.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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Reopen safely and efficiently in New England! Learn more with our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions e-book.

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