Restaurant Bar Barriers – Open Your Bar Tops in Style & Safety

restaurant bar barriers

The world is finally going back to normal! Connect Partitions has been waiting for this moment for the past year and a half. On the other hand, restaurants still need a helping hand getting back on their feet. If your bar area is still unused, our restaurant bar barriers can certainly help reopen your bar countertops safely and in style. 

Stay Connected, Though Divided

Everyone is starting to believe that everyday activities will start to go back to normal. But the reality is states of emergencies don’t disappear overnight. Our restaurant safety products, especially our restaurant bar barriers, are lightweight, easy to move, and easy to communicate through. 

Unlike bulky and nontransparent partitions, our restaurant bar barriers are made from a highly durable plexiglass that makes visibility clear as day. You can talk to other people around you and through the barriers with ease.  They meet most state safety measurements, as well. Connect Partitions creates our partitions to be unassuming towards customers, unaggressive in your bar or restaurant’s ambiance, and modern for your brand. This is why restaurants praise our products. We optimize them for restaurants for their employees and customers. 

Personalize Our Restaurant Bar Barriers, Too!

At Connect Partitions, we give you the power to choose what you want your barriers to look like. We offer many designs that are already etched in detail. But we also offer custom branding and logo designs. We want our partitions to feel like they are a part of your bar’s atmosphere. You don’t want bulky safety equipment within your restaurant. That’s why we design ours in a particular way to fit your restaurant space. 

With the materials we choose to make our partitions out of, we can easily etch on custom designs or brand names. We take pride in how diverse our products are. You should, too!

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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