Restaurant Booth Partitions – Open Up More Seating Space

restaurant booth partitions

We design partitions for any type of restaurant. Fast food, chains, small cafes, and even upscale restaurants can benefit from our partitions. Although tables and chair seating might be one of the most common seating arrangements, booths are also popular. We design booth partitions and optimize them specifically for the restaurant industry.

Now Utilize More Seating

When safety protocol was first being practiced, there were stricter guidelines. Because social distancing (aka 6 feet) can be reduced between tables now with the use of protective barriers, you can increase table space. 

Tables and chairs are easy to separate with our products designed for those types of seating arrangements. Did you also think it was possible to utilize your booths now, too? Now it is! We specialize in creating restaurant partitions that fit around any surface.

Our booth partitions make it possible to open up more seating within your restaurant. We help restaurants regain their lost profit with our booth partitions. It’s an easy, safe, and efficient way to get more customers in your door.  

Keep Everyone Safe

Our booth partitions are also a great safety measure. Since their design is sleek and efficient under the circumstances, it allows safety for everyone around them.  Although placing tables closer together might worry the average restaurant manager in terms of germs, it is a perfectly safe measure to utilize our partitions. 

Our booth partitions make reopening that section of your restaurant a breeze. They’re easy to move around, unlike other heavy, obtrusive partitions on the market.We also coat our booth partitions in an AR MR coating.  This makes them antireflective and highly resistant to small and deep scratches. You probably take extra precautions with sanitization. Their surface is resistant to the result of daily cleaning with harsh products, such as bleach.  The frame also comes standard with a powdered steel layer to make it extra durable. Overall, we like to consider our booth partitions unbreakable and unbeatable. They are made to help the restaurant world because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface.

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Reopen safely and efficiently in New England! Learn more with our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions e-book.

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