Restaurant Guidelines Are Strict – Follow Them With Our Partitions

restaurant guidelines for partitions

Our restaurant partitions have helped many restaurants across the nation. From small cafes to large scale restaurants, our products have led customers to feel safer eating indoors. With winter in full effect and affecting most of the country with harsh, cold weather, our indoor dining partitions make following strict restaurant guidelines easier than before.

Massachusetts Restaurant Guidelines for Partitions

We specialize in Massachusetts. With our headquarters stationed in Lynnfield, we are surrounded by restaurants left and right. We love partnering with restaurants because our partitions meet state guidelines

A plexiglass barrier or non-porous barrier that stands at least six feet tall is necessary for most indoor seating environments for restaurants. With a vaccine quickly arriving in the United States, we still need to take certain safety measures to ensure that all customers and staff remain safe. 

Our restaurant partitions offer full protection, as well as many other benefits. Give customers full peace of mind knowing they’re safe and protected.  Allow more tables and booths to be available to restaurants on a daily basis. Bringing more daily revenue compared to socially distancing tables at least 6 feet apart.  We also give you the power to design your own custom plexiglass partitions (different patterns, logos, and brand names available at an additional low cost). Last, but not least, polish up a new look for your restaurant in Massachusetts.  There are many other benefits, too, but these are the main advantages restaurants have brought to our attention since the start of the pandemic.

What Are Your Pain Points?

We love a good challenge. Connect Partitions strives to take on pain points that restaurants come to us for. Whether it’s learning how to follow strict Massachusetts restaurant guidelines or how to stay profitable during this pandemic, our main goal is to help. Our products are designed to not only give your restaurant protectiveness against airborne germs but also helps your restaurant maintain the same look it had before the safety protocol was required. We know partitions can look ugly. That’s why we design ours with a design-forward and sophisticated look. This is another pain point restaurants come to us for. We understand that reopening your restaurant can look ugly on the inside and out with protective barriers everywhere. Ours are sleek, lightweight, and offer maximum protection. 


plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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