Restaurant Partitions with Wheels – Set Up Protection Quickly

Restaurant Partitions with Wheels - Set Up Protection Quickly

Summer is almost here. That means outdoor seating for restaurants is getting ready if they aren’t already! Indoor seating is also becoming more popular as effective vaccines roll out across the nation. As the nation’s guidelines are starting to tone down, people are becoming more active and going out more. This means restaurants are starting to boom again. It’s been a long year and a half, but restaurants can finally reopen to full capacity with our restaurant partitions!

Durable Structure

Our restaurant partitions have durable caster wheels welded to one of the parts of the base that make setting up as easy as it gets. These wheels are inset to reduce tripping hazards for your customers and employees. They have a low profile of two inches, which meets egress requirements. In addition, their position on the base of the divider is so that the wheels are only engaged when the frame is tilted to approximately 20-30 degrees. We want to make reopening your restaurant quick and simple so you can get as many customers as you can through your doors, indoors and outside. 

In addition to the wheels adding another layer of durability to our restaurant partitions, we also craft them with commercial-grade plexiglass and a powder-coated steel frame. We coat the plexiglass area with an AR MR coating. This protects against sun damage and prevents scratching as a result of daily cleaning and sanitizing. Bleach, and other harsh cleaning products, are always in use nowadays. That’s why our products are highly durable to withstand any damage that might come their way.  On the other hand, AR coating is an antireflection coating.  MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both of these are made to really help the restaurant or food industry because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface.

Use Our Restaurant Partitions Indoors & Out

Our partitions are very practical. Since we optimize our line of products for restaurants, we know what restaurants need in today’s world. With outdoor seating becoming more popular, protection is still a necessity. You can socially distance tables so parties aren’t back to back. But with our restaurant partitions, you will be able to position tables and chairs closer together. Our partitions stand at around 6 feet tall, which is the standard for most restaurants to reduce social distancing with a nonporous barrier. 

Our partitions are also durable, as you may know by now. Crafted from long-lasting and stable materials, you can expect them to last a lifetime if properly taken care of. They can withstand any type of weather, as well as rust that might occur during heavy rain periods. Overall, our partitions are built for the coronavirus and much more. This is why it’s your time to get your restaurant prepared with our restaurant partitions today!

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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