Restaurants Are Staying Open At Larger Capacities with Partitions


Most restaurants around the nation are reopening to the public with little precautions for their staff or customers. This could potentially send us into another lockdown period. Connect Partitions strives on keeping everyone safe with our partitions. When you partner with us, you are partnering with a company that offers a solution that can benefit your restaurant far past the pandemic. 

Larger Capacities with Partitions

Officials are basically forcing restaurant owners to lay off many employees because of the downfall this industry took last year due to the pandemic. With smaller capacity limits, restaurants struggle to keep their doors open without their usual amount of business. Luckily, restaurants are able to stay open at larger capacities with our partitions. If you are sick of the phrase “social distancing,” Connect Partitions can certainly help you forget that. 

Our partitions not only combat germs, but they free up tables that might have been unavailable due to overcrowding. Connect Partitions creates a solution to open up all your tables in your restaurant. Although some states still require parties to be six feet apart inside a restaurant, nonporous barriers can be used to increase table space and decrease the amount of empty space between groups of people. Our partitions can be moved around within minutes to give a restaurant a new, safer, atmosphere. Table space can be easily maximized when our products are efficiently installed throughout the interior space of any restaurant. 

Thin Materials

Our partitions are some of the best free-standing partitions on the market designed for restaurants. Not only do we make them with commercial-grade plexiglass, but they’re thin and lightweight because of that. Offering the best protection, ours can be spread out throughout a restaurant’s seating without limiting table space. This is the product you’ve been searching for! It’s not bulky, it’s not heavy, and it doesn’t take up much space. 

Some restaurant plexiglass barriers do not have the right design for restaurants and it shows. Ours offer easy mobility, easy cleaning, and easy protection while adhering to a strict protocol. Restaurants can easily increase their daily business with our restaurant products. They offer the most protection for everyone, while their unobtrusive structure offers more than just a hygienic solution. 

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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