Restore Your Restaurant’s Aesthetics & Adhere to Protocol with Partitions

partitions for restaurants

Reopening your restaurant to the public can seem like more than you can take on. Safety protocol, among other things, can be stressful to adhere to properly. You might feel like you’re missing something, but at Connect Partitions, we’ve got you covered.   Not only do they keep your customers and staff safe, but they blend right into your current atmosphere with ease.

Reopen in Style & Efficiency With Our Partitions

Our partitions come in many shapes, sizes, and designs! That’s right. You can custom design them to fit into your restaurant’s current aesthetic without any hiccups.  We offer a wide variety of patterns already, but unlike most partitions on the market, you can add your logo or brand name. We want our partitions to blend into your environment so you can feel better about the way your restaurant looks with safety protocol in place. But we also want your customers to feel as comfortable as they can eating indoors. This can be a struggle for many people, as airborne germs are a higher risk in enclosed spaces. But with our partitions, they can help combat the spread of germs while keeping it easy on the eye to your customers. 

Our safe, yet modern partitions are also able to fit about virtually any surface in your restaurant. From tables to booths, to even counter and bar tops, you can redesign your restaurant with our products in many ways. We want you to reopen with style and stay open efficiently and safely. 

Custom Floor Planning

We also offer floor plan services. Understanding the square footage of your restaurant and how your layout is particularly set up can help us determine how many of our products might be needed for your space. 

Connect Partitions will come out to your restaurant to determine how many will be needed throughout the space. Connect Partitions wants your upscale restaurant to look modern, yet feel comfortable for your customers.

After our first step of determining how many will be needed, we will provide a review of the schematic layout that would work best for your common restaurant space. Since all restaurants offer a different type of layout, Connect Partitions wants to make sure that we maximize your table count while adhering to important social distancing rules and regulations set in stone by your specific area. 

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Want to Learn More?

Reopen safely and efficiently in New England! Learn more with our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions e-book.

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