Separate with Plexiglass – How Our Restaurant Dividers Keep Diners Safe

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With outdoor dining becoming popular again as the warm weather rolls, don’t forget about indoor dining. Our restaurant dividers are one way to keep customers safe indoors and out. Staying separated with plexiglass is one way to ensure safety while staying social with transparency. 

Increase Safety & Capacity Levels

Our restaurant dividers are very unique. We craft all of our partitions from modern and durable materials that will benefit your restaurant far into the future.  Our restaurant dividers are more than just a safety measure, though. They are a modern solution for a modern problem; that being the coronavirus. We understand what restaurants are going through. Strict safety protocol is limiting capacity, decreasing profitability, and making it harder for employees to do their job. 

In addition to the protective feature they offer, they also give your restaurant a new look. We don’t want your customers to feel insecure dining in an environment that has such strict protective equipment everywhere. That’s why we create ours to blend into any style of restaurant. 

Now that you know about their protectiveness and modern designs, we also want to bring it to your attention that they can increase your capacity. Some states might still have limited capacity regardless of safety protocol.  Massachusetts is one of the states that still is struggling to increase restaurant capacity due to such high cases still. But in many other areas across the nation, restaurant dividers are being used to reduce the distance between tables. This, in turn, allows for higher capacity limits. 

User Restaurant Dividers Anywhere

Does your restaurant have booths and tables along with bar seating? Our partitions can fit any type of surface. This allows you to reopen multiple sections of your restaurant knowing that you can keep everyone safe. 

With curfews going away and higher capacity limits for indoor and outdoor gatherings increasing, our restaurant dividers are sure to bring a positive light to your space

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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