Separating Tables with Plexiglass Partitions – Create More Table Space

plexiglass partitions

Most of the states across the nation have reopened their restaurants to the public. Although more than a handful close their doors for good, there were great safety measures put in place that helped restaurants stay afloat during a time of uncertainty.  Our plexiglass partitions are another safety measure you can take to keep your restaurant profitable and protected.

Increase Restaurant Seating with Plexiglass Partitions

We design our plexiglass partitions for restaurants with the help of our team of custom furniture designers.  Not only can our quality products combat germs, but they can free up tables that might have been closed off due to social distancing. 

Think of our partitions as a solution to the six-foot rule. Although some states still require parties to be six feet apart within a restaurant, nonporous barriers, such as our partitions, can be used to increase table space and decrease the amount of empty space between groups of people. In Massachusetts, this is one of the safety measures that restaurants can benefit from if they have our plexiglass partitions. The capacity maximums do increase frequently now. So this is the perfect time to invest in plexiglass partitions. Just because restaurants are able to operate at almost full capacity doesn’t mean safety precautions should be forgotten about.   We want restaurants to have more table space so they continue to profit as before with the addition of our plexiglass partitions. 

Transparency Is What You Need

Connect Partitions handcrafts its line of plexiglass partitions very particularly. Being the transparent and high-grade acrylic they are, they’re easy to communicate through. You can see around and through them in any type of restaurant environment. Our acrylic partitions can blend into any type of ambiance, while also bringing positive attention to customers who come in contact with them. Transparency offers another sense of space in a restaurant. Although they are see-through, they offer the greatest amount of safety and protection you could want in your restaurant for both staff and customers. This is just another reason why our plexiglass partitions are an easy, modern solution for restaurants.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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