Sneeze Guards Vs. Our Upscale Restaurant Partitions

upscale restaurant partitions

Have you heard of the term “sneeze guard?”  It might not be the most appealing product to have in your restaurant. That’s why Connect Partitions has designed upscale restaurant partitions to keep your restaurant safe, PPE friendly, and comfortable for all your staff and customers. 

Sneeze Guard Vs. Upscale Restaurant Partitions

Sneeze guards, or sneezeguards, are usually crafted from an acrylic or glass screen. They are designed to protect food, people, and other things from being exposed to airborne germs, droplets, or other bodily fluid that are created from coughing, sneezing, or even talking. They’ve been part of hundreds of industries for decades. But it’s time for a change. 

Although sneeze guards copy what Connect Partitions brings to the table, we make sure our restaurant partitions are upscale, lightweight, customizable, and super durable. 

We understand that restaurants are constantly evolving to meet state hygiene guidelines. That’s why our upscale restaurant partitions can do much more for the dining industry than sneeze guards can.

Level of Sanitation 

Connect Partitions specializes in the craftsmanship of our partition products. Not only are they durable and able to keep your staff safe and protected through the typical day at work, but they’re easy to sanitize and say sanitized through that typical day at work, too. 

Restaurants can be messy, we all know that. Food splatters and spills, and is the same with drinks. There is always a risk for germs to spread easily within the dining industry.  Which is why we want you to consider putting your employees first, along with your customers.  Since we coat our partitions with a AR MR coating, it improves durability against sun damage and prevents scratching as a result of cleaning and sanitization.  We also expect restaurants to use the typical chemicals to clean, which you might think are harsh on our partitions, but Connect Partitions made sure they can withstand just about any type of cleaning and cleaning method. Not only will your staff feel safe, but so will your customers.  You can put our upscale restaurants partitions to the test in your dining room today. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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