Modern Plexiglass Dividers – Stay Social, Yet Divided

modern plexiglass dividers

Plexiglass. Partitions. Social distancing. These are all words you are probably so used to hearing by now if you work in the restaurant industry. At Connect Partitions, we have designed modern plexiglass dividers that give all those words a new meaning. It’s an easy way to stay social between paying parties. But it keeps them divided in a safe and efficient way.

Stay Social

Our modern plexiglass dividers are an easy way to stay social with your staff and customers even with what is going on in the world today. People go out to dine because they want to get away from their everyday life sometimes. Or maybe they dine out to socialize with their coworkers, friends, and family in an environment that’s different from their everyday setting. Overall, our modern plexiglass dividers are an easy way to stay connected, even when you are divided from everyone else.

Connect Partitions offers partitions that are modern and contemporary to fit into any environment, atmosphere, or ambiance with ease. Our partitions fit just about any type of table space. Our partitions can be used one frame at a time or several can be joined together to create a longer divider depending on your space size. The frame of the divider has magnets incorporated into the structure of each partition for seamless assembly of multiple units. Connect Partitions makes life easy for you – adjust to the new norm today with our unbeatable table partitions. 

Connect Partitions’ main goal is to keep people safe, secure, and with peace of mind. Not only do our partitions serve those needs, but they also maintain social distancing in an adaptable way that might not seem possible with an item such as partitions.

Stay Divided with Modern Plexiglass Dividers

Although the whole aspect of dining out has changed in roughly the last year, it’s still important to maintain distance for everyone’s safety. With restaurants, space can be tight. Even if it’s not, social distancing tables are still vital. It’s part of strict safety measures virtually everywhere.  With our modern plexiglass dividers, you can obtain just what the name sounds like – divide your customers in a modern way. 

We make our partitions out of a high grade material that are easy to move around and handle for any individual. They can display a look that makes adapting much easier in society.  Overall, our partitions serve a purpose (and a look) that’s highly flexible and accommodating at the same time. Keep your customers divided, yet connected through a thin, durable sheet of plexiglass. 

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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