Still Outdoor Dining? Our Partitions Can Help Increase Capacity

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Is outdoor dining still feasible in your area? Here in New England, where we specialize, outdoor dining is fading out as the cold weather swoops in quickly. We’ve already had some snowfall, which makes outdoor dining almost impossible. Customers are becoming more and more uncomfortable in the harsh weather here as winter arrives. Luckily, if you own a restaurant in a warmer region of the nation, we’ve got you covered! Our outdoor partitions can help increase your restaurant’s capacity quickly and effectively!

Increase Capacity Outdoors with Outdoor Partitions

Our partitions can increase your seating arrangements outdoors in a matter of minutes. We designed all of our partitions to be super durable, yet lightweight. This makes setting up your outdoor section easy to adhere to our exterior partition walls. Depending on the model you decide to go with for your outdoor area, we craft our partitions with two wheels that contain magnets. This makes connecting multiple outdoor partitions an easy set up within minutes. Other partitions on the market are bulky, heavy, and aren’t that user friendly. This is especially difficult for today’s environment when the protocol is constantly in effect and constantly changing. We design our partitions with lightweight materials, yet durable materials, to keep your outdoor seating going as long as it’s feasible. 

Outdoor seating might also not require a plexiglass barrier between parties. Since outdoor seating is more open and germs aren’t confined as they are indoors, partitions may not be necessary. On the other hand, we love to think of our products as an added, yet necessary safety measure. Without partitions for your outdoor seating, it’s harder to combat germs. Our partitions help stop the spread of airborne germs indoors and out. 

Overall, our partitions can make seating comfortable for your customers in any environment. It’s an added safety precaution but can also help reduce the six-foot rule between parties if our partitions meet your state guidelines. Increase your capacity with ease now!

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