Table Partitions for Your Restaurant – Use Indoors & Outside

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The novel coronavirus has been with us for over a year now. As it continues to linger, restaurants are scrambling to do everything they can to open to full capacity again. With our table partitions, you will be able to reopen your restaurant’s dining room and patio tables again with ease. 

Use Our Table Partitions in Any Environment 

Indoor dining rooms can be difficult to socially distance tables. If you live in a state or city where you must adhere to keeping parties at least six feet apart, you risk losing a lot of daily profit. Luckily, our table partitions can be used in most towns and cities that help reduce space between tables. That’s right – you will be able to seat parties closer to together with our table partitions. This also means that more people will be able to dine safely indoors. 


Moving to outdoor patio areas, our table partitions can also be used outside! They are weather-resistant and can withstand virtually any conditions that are thrown their way. We’ve come up with several designs that restaurants can fully benefit from. From our tabletop, bar and countertop, and even drink rail partitions, the way restaurants can organize their patio space is limitless. But from our experience with our main clients being restaurants, tables are the most common seating for patios. We understand that outdoor areas come and go with the seasons every year.  But for the outdoor patios that remain open year-round or preparing to reopen in the spring, our table partitions are the perfect solution to keep your doors open inside and out. 

Most Importantly, Keep Staff Safe

Yes, customers are your main priority right now, but what about your wait staff? It’s important to keep the workers serving your customers just as protected as them. 

Keeping Staff Safe

Although plexiglass partitions are one of the easiest ways to reduce the spacing between parties, allowing more indoor seating options, one of the restaurants’ biggest concerns is keeping their staff safe, as well.  

All customer-facing workers, such as servers and bus staff, should reduce the time spent closely with customers. That’s one thing we can’t prevent, unfortunately, along with any germs a customer might have that staff is unaware of. Most states do not require customers to wear a face mask or face covering once they are seated. And many states are reducing the areas where masks are required in general.  In Massachusetts, the restaurant staff is required to wear masks at all times, even outdoors. Although this decreases their chances of contracting any airborne germs from customers,  it’s not a guarantee. This is the scary part for restaurants. 

Nobody wants to work under these stressful circumstances brought on by the pandemic. Connect Partitions wants to make sure our highly durable products will not only benefit restaurants’ daily amount of customers but for every member of their staff that is put at risk during every shift. When restaurants start to partner with Connect Partitions, we are there not only for the journey of your customers but the journey of each and every one of your employees.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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