Temporary Partitions – Keep Your Restaurant Open

temporary partitions for restaurants

The coronavirus first made its stop in the United States over a year ago in the early months of 2020. Did you expect it to linger this long? As it continues to surge during certain times, we are taking the most necessary precautions to stay safe. We are all hoping that it disappears one day soon. Now that we have a newly discovered vaccine, that day might be here sooner than we think. But temporary partitions for your restaurant are still necessary to keep your customers and staff safe.

Temporary Partitions For A Modern Problem

Connect Partitions crafts our products for one reason only. We want to keep people safe during a time of uncertainty. We know that restaurants are one of the most vulnerable environments for everyone. Indoor dining rooms have limited air conditioning systems. Even dining outdoors people are put at risk. That’s why we consider our temporary partitions a modern solution to a modern problem.  

We predict that partitions will be around for the months to come. They might even be around for the new year we just entered into.  But looking far into the future, we hope it’s not a product you will have to adhere to in the long run. Our modern designs and custom branding options make it easy to adhere to your restaurant’s atmosphere permanently, though! 

Not only are temporary partitions for hygiene purposes, but they can add another layer of design to the interior or exterior of your restaurant as we just mentioned. Connect Partitions is one of the only plexiglass partition companies on the market that specialize in highly durable, yet customizable and modern restaurant partitions.

Increase Capacity Safely

Our temporary partitions are one of a kind. With their unique structure and modern designs, our patent-pending restaurant partitions are the perfect safety addition for your restaurant.  

Our temporary partitions are more than just a safety measure. Strict safety protocol is limiting capacity, decreasing profitability, and making it harder for employees to do their job. This is a time when temporary partitions are more than a necessity. It’s a way of life for restaurants to stay above the water.  When you partner with Connect Partitions today, you might as well guarantee that your restaurant will be safe for all. 

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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