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  1. ​Brandable & Customizable Plexiglass Partitions
  2. Use Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions In Any Business Type
  3. Reopen Your Business In Style with Custom Plexiglass Partitions
  4. Transparent Material
  5. Lightweight, Yet Durable, Custom Plexiglass Partitions
  6. Hygiene-Friendly & Easy To Sanitize
  7. Social Distancing In An Acceptable Way
  8. Future-Friendly Investment for Businesses
  9. Fits Virtually Around or To Any Surface
  10. Available for National Shipping & Bulk Shipping


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Brandable & Customizable Plexiglass Partitions

When you reopen your business for the first time in months, it could be on the rather stressful side, especially with having been out of the loop for so long.  With Connect Partitions, we want to make sure you continue to achieve your aesthetics through our brandable and custom plexiglass partitions for businesses.  We wanted to create the option to brand your logo or custom design onto each and every one of your newly purchased partitions to give your business that same working vibe while adhering to social distancing regulations that are now in place.

Connect Partitions offers many different types of themes for your business or company when you order our partitions. You can maintain social distancing in an efficient and effective way, while also allowing your employees and clientele some peace of mind with a design-forward, yet sophisticated look. You can choose from a variety of different patterns to fit your business’s environment, but if that’s not enough for you, you can also brand your partitions. Add your logo or brand name to give your company or business the look that it is meant to have in your working space.

The multiple ways you can customize your business partitions allows you to achieve effectiveness and awareness of social distancing while also bringing on a look that’s less obtrusive and more inviting. Going back to work after so many months at home can also be a stressful adjustment again, but our partitions make safety and protectiveness a priority while remaining sleek and design-forward for that unobtrusive working vibe. 

custom plexiglass partitions for your business

Use Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions In Any Business Type

Connect Partitions is based here in the United States and makes great efforts to bring businesses the success they want to see across the nation. Whether you’re a local company or a national known business, Connect Partitions will continue your success in the office or a similar space with our custom plexiglass partitions.

custom plexiglass partitions for offices

Handcrafted By Custom Furniture Designers

Our partitions are handcrafted by an eclectic mix of woods craftsmen, metal fabricators, and even fine artists and designers.  Our common goal is all working together to create stunning furniture and commercial art for your business, company, restaurant, or any other type of space. Not only are our plexiglass partitions custom built just for your business, but our furniture designers strive to bring you a custom look that you just can’t find with other partition producers. We want your business to feel like your business, and not just have partitions dividing everyone up into sections while they try to relax or go back to work. Our partitions are meant to bring people back together like before, while adhering to strict social distancing guidelines set by the nation. 

Mobile & Easy to Move Within Your Business

Since our custom plexiglass partitions are that mobile and accessible, you can plan to have your business set up and meet the pandemic’s guidelines within minutes. If you own a space where you might be losing business due to shared table tops or desk spaces between different coworkers or people, our mobile plexiglass partitions make it easy to wheel in a divider and separate people fast and efficiently. They’re so efficient and mobile, anyone in your business can move them!  This will give everyone some peace of mind, as well as the privacy they require within their own working area.

Made For Different Business Styles

Not only does Connect Partitions just focus on your average business, whether it be a small business space as portrayed in the hit TV series, “The Office,”  but we wanted to make sure we designed an array of business partitions so no business was left out. Our plexiglass partitions are meant for any type of space, including large corporations where hundreds of people might be working in the same common area to restaurants or bars across the nation to small computer cafes where work space might be crammed already.

Our durable, plexiglass partitions built by our unique furniture designers broadened our partition catalog to make sure they fit in your style of space, no matter the size or interior design. So no matter what type of business or own, manage, or work for, we want you to know our partitions are meant for you and designed by us. You can find our partitions in many styles, including fitments around desks and chairs, kitchen countertops, and much more.

1.) Custom Plexiglass Desk Partitions

Our desk partitions are the number one item on your checklist for reopening your business. In order to keep everyone safe and protected for the pandemic’s aftermath months to come, our desk partitions offer the security you have been looking for. 

Connect Partition’s desk partitions easily fit around desks, making work life easy to adapt to again after months of working from home. Maintain that sense of privacy while our hygiene friendly partitions do the dirty work of stopping germs from spreading on contact.

2.) Chair Partitions

Our chair partitions easily fit around desks and chairs to adhere to social distancing rules and regulations. We understand that in a tight space, social distancing might seem impossible, especially when coworkers are sitting so close together, but our partitions make it possible for spaces like this among other things. 

Easily stroll around in your chair within your business space with our chair partitions. Our lightweight, yet durable chair partitions are extremely mobile, too! This makes it easy for our chair partitions to move alongside with your chair if necessary. 

3.) Kitchen Counters and Countertop Partitions

Does your business or company offer a kitchen area for your guests or employees? Our business partitions can also be fitted on counter tops, whether it be in the kitchen area or on or between kitchen seating arrangements.

4.) Drink Rail Partitions

Depending on the set up of your business, our stylish drink rail partitions can add another level of exterior design to your outdoors. These are a great way to amplify any type of outdoor seating where many may gather at once. 

Our exterior partition walls with rails are made from mahogany and steel, which are optimized for any weather conditions. These free standing partitions walls are easy to move around and deconstructable for easy storage if you need to remove them. 

Reopen Your Business In Style with Custom Plexiglass Partitions

If you own or manage a business, reopening to the public, or even your own employees, can be a challenge in the hygiene department. Do you buy tons of hand sanitizer? Do you require a mask at all times? Whatever your specific protocol might be, Connect Partitions can do you one better with our stylish, yet effective custom plexiglass partitions.

We understand the challenges you will be faced with, including limiting some work features or employees to an extent.  When you put your employees’ or clientele’s health and safety on the line, your business could shut doors again in a split second. That’s why we designed plexiglass partitions in such a way that you can reopen in style, yet still be highly compatible with today’s strict guidelines. 

Our business partitions are a perfect way to social distance in style. When you see our custom built partitions, the first thing that will come to your head is how stylish they are. Our business partitions offer social distancing in more ways than you can think of. They are custom built to ensure the safety and distancing your employees need between one another. Without these in your business, social distancing can seem like a challenge. A mask might also be mandatory since social distancing with our sleek and professional looking partitions won’t be in place. Connect Partitions highly suggests our partitions for the usual nine to five office to prove social distancing is possible in your workplace, as well. 

Sometimes working in the typical business environment can be distracting when you are sitting across from or sitting a few feet away from another coworker. While some businesses offer private office rooms to its higher ups, most of its employees are on the floor crammed together in a universale space with no sense of privacy. Connect Partitions understands that businesses are all set up differently, but with our highly customizable and brandable partitions, we can give “different” a new meaning with our business partitions.

Our custom partitions offer such a strong sense of privacy, while still maintaining their sleek look, so your employees or staff members can get more work done in peace. They’re custom built and affordable, even for small companies that might need our durable, plexiglass partitions in the near future. Not only does Connect Partitions strive to keep businesses successful, but we want their employees to go back to their normal work routines and feel comfortable doing so. 

Transparent Material 

Our business partitions are made from a commercial grade plexiglass material that is beyond durable for your work space. When you think of acrylic or plexiglass, we don’t want you to think of the thick 3M plexiglass that you would normally see at gas station posts. Our custom plexiglass partitions are made from a type of acrylic that is thin, yet durable, to withstand the movement and busyness of your typical work day.

Depending on the set up of your current business, we offer high quality, effective, yet sleek, plexiglass room and wall dividers that make going back to work a breeze.  You can set them up in the matter of minutes depending on the size and shape of your designated partitioned area. 

Being such a transparent product, our see-through partitions give you the illusion of privacy as well. If you have cubicles set up at work now, they might seem bulky and add a sense of obstructiveness to your current atmosphere. Sometimes switching to a new type of partition for your work space can benefit not only your employee’s work ethic, but their personal space and hygiene bubble. 

Our transparent plexiglass partitions are also a lot easier to communicate through and see what other coworkers are up to throughout the day. We want your business to feel more like a home rather than a typical drab place of work with our design forward partitions. 

custom plexiglass partitions for restaurants

Lightweight, Yet Durable, Custom Plexiglass Partitions

Connect Partitions makes the work life so much easier when it comes to reopening. We made our business partitions easy to use within your space so you don’t have to scramble to get them up and functioning.  Our patent-pending, custom plexiglass partitions can be easily placed between and even around tabes, work benches or stations, desks and chairs without difficulty. If you have a kitchen area for your coworkers or clientele, we also offer counter and countertop partitions to keep that area protected, as well.  We want to assure you and your business that there are no limitations when it comes to our custom plexiglass partitions.

Our plexiglass partitions are custom built to be lightweight, easy to use and move around a tight or spacious space, and can easily be put together to extend your partition dividing walls depending on your business’s setup. 

Connect Partitions also makes our custom plexiglass partitions available to use for just about any seating arrangement or floor plan. They have durable caster wheels welded to one side of the partition base for easy moving.  These wheels are inset to reduce tripping hazards for your customers and employees and have a low profile of two inches, which meets egress requirements. In addition, their position on the base of the divider is so that the wheels are only engaged when the frame is tilted to approximately 20-30 degrees. We want to make reopening a breeze for you, so invest in our custom plexiglass partitions today. 

Hygiene-Friendly & Easy To Sanitize

Working in any type of environment can be hard to keep clean at all times. Even doctor’s anf dentist’s offices face challenges keeping a space fully sanitized at all times. No matter what type of business you own or manage, our hygiene-friendly and highly sanitizable partitions make it easy to reopen safely. 

Connect Partitions is a business that strives to keep all types of businesses safe and hygiene-friendly, but also is proud of its partitions that can be used in almost any environment. Depending on the type of business you own, manage, or work for, you might have a particular atmosphere that we can absolutely adhere to while being safe and protected with our custom plexiglass partitions. 

Connect Partition cares about all your staff members, employees, and clientele.  Our custom plexiglass partitions can also be used for front desk management to keep your receptionist protected, as well. Our formulated acrylic material we use in all our products is perfectly visible for both parties to see around, no matter what side you are on, and doesn’t create any sort of obstacle when communicating. 

Our custom plexiglass partitions, being made from such a durable, yet super lightweight, plexiglass material, gives us the benefit of making them even more effective for your business to operate again. Similar to plastic, but a lot more durable, they’re easy to clean and see where any dirt or spots may be. Once sanitized, they stay sanitized, which can be hard to come by when it comes to other types of partitions on the market.

All of our products are coated in an AR MR coating, which basically means one coat is anti reflective while the other coat is more of a flash mirror coating. When both of these work together in the same plexiglass partitions, it improves durability against sun damage and prevents all types of scratches. These scratches and marks can be caused from constant cleaning and sanitizing with harsh cleaning supplies and chemicals or just general wear and tear throughout the work day. But you won’t have to worry about any dings, dents, scratches, or damage with our durably built plexiglass partitions. 

We also built in a metal frame that’s standard on all our partitions, making them even more sturdy to withstand any type of working condition in your business. It’s made of powder coated steel, which will not rust and is also very easy to clean with any type of soft or harsh cleaning products or disinfectant. 

easy to clean custom plexiglass partitions

Social Distancing In An Acceptable Way

Social distancing seems to be a norm in today’s day and age. You hear it everywhere you go or see it written on every door before you enter a business. It can be hard to maintain a safe social distance in certain public or private situations. While some business spaces might be more spread out and larger than others, it’s still important to keep your employees divided in some sense. Connect Partitions’ main goal is to keep people in the work space safe, secure, and with peace of mind. Not only do our custom plexiglass partitions serve those needs, but they also maintain social distancing in an adaptable way that might not seem possible with a product such as partitions.

Connect Partitions designs its plexiglass partitions to look elegant and stay efficient and effective – nothing like a usual partition at all. With all the designs and customizable options you can bring to your partition, it’s almost like a partition isn’t even between you and anyone on the other side. Our high grade plexiglass material, designs, patterns, and durability make adapting to the new rules and regulations of society much easier than you might have anticipated. 

Get Work Done In Peace 

Sometimes the workplace can be a distracting environment when you are sitting across from or sitting a few feet away from another coworker. Typing on the keyboard or sitting too close to you can be an issue and hinder your typical day to day tasks.  While some businesses offer individual rooms to its CEOs, presidents, or managers, most of its employees are on the floor crammed together in a common area with no sense of privacy at all. We know that all businesses are set up differently to an extent, but our custom plexiglass partitions can give that space a whole new look and meaning – stay sleek and sophisticated during the day with our partitions. 

Our custom plexiglass partitions offer such a strong sense of privacy, while still maintaining their sleek business-like look.  Everyone can now get their typical tasks and daily jobs done in peace. We also made sure that even for the smallest companies that might need our partitions in the near future that they’re affordable. 

custom plexiglass partitions

Did we also mention they’re custom built and affordable? Even the smallest companies that might need our custom plexiglass partitions in the near future can acquire our products, even if they did not consider them into their future budgeting plans. 

Not only does Connect Partitions strive to keep businesses as successful as they were in the past, but we want their employees to go back to their normal work routines and feel comfortable doing so.

Future-Friendly Investment for Businesses

Partitions, room separators, and dividers are going to be a product you will see in many places going into the far future. Connect Partitions knows the severity of staying safe, sanitized, and healthy at all costs, and we want to help your business take all those precautions with our awesome products.  Our plexiglass partitions will be an investment your business will benefit from in the long run, not just during COVID19 and its aftermath months.

Our custom plexiglass partitions are meant to be future-friendly. When we say this, we mean you won’t just have these partitions coming and going in your business or company, but rather have them become a part of your business. That’s why when you order our custom plexiglass partitions, picking out a design should be one of the most important items on your checklist at that moment. We want you to pick a design or customize our partitions in such a way that it makes your business still feel like your business. Don’t pick just any partition that’s drab, thick, and aggressive looking. Connect Partitions is all about comfort, safety, and effectiveness. Your business can stay protected inside and out with our sleek and efficient custom plexiglass partitions for not only the months to come, but years to come. This won’t be an investment you’ll regret.

Fits Virtually Around or To Any Surface

Like we mentioned above, our custom plexiglass partitions are meant for just about any type of surface or space. You can find yourself purchasing our partitions for desks, chairs, work or dining benches, common kitchen areas, including bar and counter tops, tables, and much more. We even offer partitions that are meant to withstand the harsh weathers of outdoors!


Some businesses are exclusively tables, whether it be a restaurant or even an office. This can hurt a business especially if social distancing is the only way they are going to comply with the rules and regulations of the reopening phase. Fortunately, our table partitions make it easy to keep all your tables open and available throughout the day. No need to remove a table here and there, or every six feet apart. Connect Partitions has table options that make it so much easier and beneficial for everyone involved in your business to feel safe and stay safe.

Counter and Bar Tops

Our countertop partitions can also be fitted on counter tops, whether it be in the kitchen area or your business or any high top tables your business might have to offer, as well.  Connect Partitions has a wide variety of counter and bar top partitions to choose from that your business sure could use for the future. 

custom plexiglass partitions for counter and bar tops

Read more about our bar and bar top partitions in our blog post, The 4 Pros of Bar Top & Countertop Partitions For Your Business.

Booths and Benches

Some businesses might have some type of booths or benches within. Whether they are shared with other parties or are just close together due to space restrictions within your business or company, Connect Partitions wants you to know we can help with this issue.   

Our partitions are easy to maneuver between tables, booths, benches, and chairs. Not only do they offer a sense of privacy between groups or parties, but they also offer a sense of security and safeness you won’t find anywhere else or with any other partition on the market.

Stools & Chairs

Stools and chairs are more common throughout businesses across the nation than you might think. Between restaurants and offices and many other industries, they are everywhere. Fortunately, we have created our mobile partitions to fit around such obstacles in your business. If your chairs and stools are moveable (compared to those bolted to the floor), we have created our partitions to be fitted around them. This ensures that your staff, employees, customers, and clientele are comfortable, safe, and at ease. 

Custom Plexiglass Desk Partitions

Our desk partitions are definitely on your list for reopening your business. In order to keep everyone safe and protected for the pandemic’s aftermath months to come, our desk partitions offer the security you have been looking for. 

Connect Partition’s desk partitions easily fit around desks, making work life easy to adapt to again after months of working from home. Maintain that sense of privacy while our hygiene friendly partitions do the dirty work of stopping germs from spreading on contact.

Available for National Shipping & Bulk Shipping

When it comes to ordering your new custom plexiglass partitions, you might be overwhelmed with all the options and designs for your business. Connect Partitions understands the current aesthetic or atmosphere you might have achieved currently in your business, which is why we try to make our designs sleek and elegant for you and your clientele. We also strived to create our custom plexiglass partitions with a lightweight material that makes ordering and delivering our partition easier than you think. 

fast shipping for our custom plexiglass partitions

Connect Partitions offers wholesale and bulk pricing, too. Depending on the size of your restaurant, multiple partitions will be needed for your business or company. We also offer free delivery! This perk will take your mind off another expense you might not have planned for for your business’s adjustments going into the future. 

Custom Floor Plans When Ordering

Sometimes it can be hard to determine how many of our plexiglass partitions you might need for your restaurant.  If your layout is on the smaller side, or perhaps even on the larger side where measuring a space can be difficult or stressful, Connect Partitions can help!  Connect Partitions offers a floor plan design service for partition and social distancing. You can greatly benefit from this service, as we figure out the best floor plan to maximize your table and chair count, or any other space you need to maximize while making sure your footpaths and walkways stay clear and organized for the most beneficial, effective and efficient business going forward.

custom plexiglass partitions floor plan

Located Across The Nation

Connect Partitions are available from coast to coast – you can order our custom plexiglass partitions and get delivery services from anywhere in the United States. Whether you own a large corporation on the west coat or a small local business here in New England,  Connect Partitions has you covered. Lead time approximately takes two weeks, as well.


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