Utilize Our Restaurant Patio Partitions As Summer Approaches

restaurant patio partitions

Summer is right around the corner. With restaurants reopening their outdoor seating as the warm weather approaches, safety precautions are staying in place, too. This means investing in restaurant patio partitions might be a smart move for the second summer of the coronavirus.

High Quality & Durable

Our restaurant patio partitions are made from commercial-grade plexiglass. Since restaurants are using these in an outdoor environment, we incorporate wheels on the base to make them easy to move around and install in different sections quickly. 

They come standard with a steel frame, making them able to withstand harsh outdoor environments and rowdy parties during those hot summer days. And because of their high quality and transparent structure, your customers will feel comfortable eating outdoors where it’s supposed to be open and airy.  We understand that restaurant patio partitions aren’t necessary outdoors, but they can certainly help you seat parties closer together when these are in between tables. 

Custom Designs

It’s important to have the personal protective equipment that meets your restaurant’s overall look and feel. Fortunately, our patio partitions are highly customizable. Make sure the look of your partitions is customized with your logo, brand name, or even patterns. This will leave customers feeling more at peace. When you personalize our partitions, you are giving your restaurant patio a more comfortable vibe for dining out. 

One of our core values at Connect Partitions is making sure restaurants succeed. We strive to make our patio partitions one of the most unique on the market with our personalization features. So when you partner with Connect Partitions, you are partnering with a business that has limitless options for your restaurant’s protected look.

Outdoor Drink Rails

Connect Partitions also makes outdoor drink rails that can be personalized with some string lights for a safe and fun experience outdoors. These also come with a sturdy base crafted from high-quality metals and include a wood bar top that extends to about 7 feet. As we always like to mention, our products are easy to move around and install if necessary. We know partitions won’t be around forever, but while you can make the most of your restaurant’s safety, it’s important to have these installed properly while guests are seated at them. You can affix these outdoor drink rails to the ground with screws if needed. But a lot of restaurants that utilize our drink rails keep them mobile so they can rearrange them in a jiffy.

Overall, we optimize our products for restaurants. We want you to reopen your restaurant indoors and out with our safety partitions. Get your free quote today!

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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