What Plexiglass Partitions Can Do For Your Restaurant’s Capacity

plexiglass partitions

If you’re wondering if plexiglass partitions are the next strategic move for your business, now is your time to invest in them! There are other ways you can prevent the spread of airborne germs. This usually includes limiting your daily capacity. What restaurant wants to do that? Most restaurants can’t afford that anymore. It’s hurting their profitability and making it very difficult for them to stay afloat in these uncertain times. 

The pandemic continues to linger around, but at least we have a vaccine now. This is why state officials are allowing more businesses to reopen their doors to almost full capacity. This is when our plexiglass partitions will make the perfect addition to your fully reopened restaurant.  Why wouldn’t you want added protection?

Larger Capacities

“Social Distancing” is a phrase that everyone in society is familiar with now. If you hadn’t heard it before the pandemic, you certainly have now! But have you come to the realization of what impact socially distancing tables have done to your restaurant?

When you socially distance tables, you block off tables to maintain a safe distance between parties. This is every restaurant owners’ worst nightmare. This takes a toll on daily profits. It probably forced you to lay off some of your most talented wait staff, as well, since the business wasn’t booming. 

Our plexiglass partitions can easily increase your capacity. Depending on your official state safety guidelines for restaurants, you may be able to position tables closer together with the use of non-porous barriers. This includes our plexiglass partitions! They meet most height and dimension requirements in most states. When you invest in our partitions, you are investing in a company that wants to see you thrive again. With plexiglass partitions, you can expect to see your daily profits skyrocket compared to what you have been living off of for the last year. 

Use Them Anywhere

When we say you can use our partitions anywhere, we mean anywhere. We design our products to fit into any type of environment, indoors and out. This includes bar top and countertop to tables to booths to banquettes partitions. We also design free-standing drink rail partitions that allow you to have more people in your outdoor patio area. This is another quick way you can increase your capacity. And because of their structure, you can make sure customers and staff stay safe and protected, yet social.  

You don’t want to turn our plexiglass partitions down. They are very durable, lightweight, and allow you to remain the social hub you were before these uncertain times!

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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