What There Is To Know About Plexiglass PPE for Restaurants

plexiglass ppe

Restaurants by now must know everything there is to know about personal protective equipment. But what about plexiglass PPE? Many restaurants have shut their doors for good when the pandemic hit due to a lack of customers. This could’ve been due to limited dining room capacity or just not following safety protocol put in place by their state.

Fortunately, Connect Partitions creates a product that is vital for restaurants and is required by most states for restaurants to invest in. Our plexiglass PPE, also known as our partitions walls, is a key factor that restaurants must consider if they want to reopen their dining room area to maximum capacity right now.

Why Plexiglass PPE?

It’s important to consider plexiglass partitions for your restaurant because they offer safety, protection, and transparency. Those are three key factors your restaurant needs right now. As you can imagine, our plexiglass PPE barriers are transparent. This makes it easy for everyone to see around your restaurant with ease. We know that partitions aren’t exactly a product you want to flaunt in your restaurant, but right now, it’s important to make the investment. When customers realize they can be protected in a vulnerable indoor dining environment while still being able to see around with ease, they are sure to be able to dine in peace.

Easy to Clean

Our plexiglass PPE partitions are also very easy to clean. We craft our products from commercial-grade plexiglass and have them sit on a steel base with standard wheels. They are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to move around and rearrange within minutes. They can also withstand just about any type of condition your restaurant may come face to face with. You will be able to sanitize them with bleach or other harsh chemicals in order to keep them clean at all times.

No matter how many times they are being cleaned throughout the day, they will not weather! We coat our plexiglass PPE barriers with an AR MR coating. AR coating is an anti-reflective coating and MR coating is a flash mirror coating. This improves durability against sun damage and prevents scratching as a result of daily cleaning and sanitizing. This really is a product for the dining industry because of its superior strength and environmentally resistant structure.  See what they could look like in your restaurant today when you request a free quote!

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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