Why Restaurants Are Setting Up Patios With Partitions This Spring


With vaccines for COVID-19 rolling out across the nation, restaurants have a better chance at success this upcoming season. Outdoor seating was a hit last spring and summer, but imagine the many more customers you could be getting this year with partitions! Forget about socially distancing tables. Our outdoor partitions easily allow you to place parties closer together because of the added protection.

Transparency is Vital

The partitions that we design for outdoor patios can dramatically increase your table count. But we don’t want this to take away from your patio environment. This is one reason why customers prefer to dine outdoors. 

Connect Partitions crafts its products from the highest quality acrylic there is, along with a powder-coated steel frame. This adds to the durability and doesn’t take away from the transparency.  We know how hard you work to keep your outdoor dining experience nothing below par. This is why our transparent partitions can make all the difference with a clear outlook and safe approach to dining outdoors.

Partitions Are an Investment for Customers

Not only do we design restaurant furniture for the owners of restaurants. But we know how important customers are to keeping your business open.

Our patio partitions not only follow safety protocols put in place by officials. But they do much more than that. We want to make sure customers feel safe in a very vulnerable setting – restaurants. Whether they are dining indoors or outside, masks are most likely not required while dining at your restaurant.  This is why it’s important to invest in a product that will help decrease the spread of germs.  

Connect Partitions strives to make customers feel safe and protected.  We don’t want to remind them of the intense safety protocol that is designed to protect them. That’s why we design our plexiglass partitions to give off an unobtrusive look with our multiple patterns and custom branding options. Our durable safety products are the perfect, yet needed, addition for any restaurant across the United States.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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