3 Reasons to Invest in Mobile Plexiglass Partitions

mobile partitions

Social distancing is the new norm in today’s society. Our mobile plexiglass partitions make that possible in any type of situation you could imagine.  

1.) Easy to Use & Move Around 

Connect Partitions makes the work life much easier when it comes to reopening your business for you and your employees. We made our business partitions so much easier to use within your space, whether it is a small local business or a large corporation with hundreds of employees. Our patent-pending business partitions can be easily placed between and even around tables, work benches, kitchen counters and countertops, and desks and chairs. We want to assure you and your business that there are no limitations when it comes to our business-friendly partitions.

Our partitions are custom built to be lightweight, easy to use and move around a tight or spacious area, and can easily be put together to extend your partition dividing walls depending on your company’s or business’s current layout.

Connect Partitions also makes our business partitions available to use for just about any seating arrangement or floor plan. They have durable caster wheels welded to one side of the partition base for easy moving.  These wheels are inset to reduce tripping hazards for your clients and employees and have a low profile of two inches, which meets egress requirements. In addition, their position on the base of the divider is so that the wheels are only engaged when the frame is tilted to approximately 20-30 degrees. We want to make reopening your company or business a breeze for you, so invest in our very mobile-friendly partitions today. 

2.) Brandable & Logo Friendly Mobile Partitions

Connect Partitions offers many different types of themes for your business partitions. You can maintain social distancing in an efficient, yet effective way.  But also allowing your employees and clientele some peace of mind with a design-forward, sophisticated look. You can choose from a variety of different patterns to fit your restaurant’s environment, but if that’s not enough for you, you can also brand your partitions. Add your logo or brand name to give your business partitions the look that they mean to have in your newly reopened business.

The multiple ways you can customize our business partitions allows you to achieve effectiveness and awareness of social distancing while also bringing on a look that is definitely less obtrusive and a lot more inviting for everyone who walks through your doors.

3.) Future-Friendly Investment For Businesses

Plexiglass partitions are going to be a product you will see in many places going into the far future. Connect Partitions knows the severity of staying safe, clean, and healthy at all costs. We want to help your business go down the right path, as well. This will be an investment your business will benefit from in the long run.  Not just during the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath months to come.

Our business partitions are future-friendly. When we say this, we mean you won’t just have these partitions coming and going in your office space or similar layout, but rather have them become a part of your business. When you order our partitions, picking out a design or logo incorporated look should be one of the most important things. We want you to pick a design or customize our partitions in such a way that it makes your company still feel like your company. Don’t pick just any partition that’s drab, thick, and aggressive looking for your company or business. Connect Partitions is all about comfort, safety, and effectiveness. Your business can stay protected inside and out with our sleek, yet durable and effective partitions. 

Overview of Mobile Partitions

They are also a perfect investment that you won’t regret at the end of the day. Like we mentioned before, partitions will be a part of the business world far into the future. Don’t be the business that requires face masks and obstructive products for your employees and staff. Invest in our business partitions to keep your employees and clientele feeling better about your newly renovated and partitioned space. 

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