3 Ways Restaurant Partitions Equal Social Distancing

restaurant partitions

What are the guidelines in your state to keep your restaurant open? Do you have to keep separate parties at least 6 feet apart? Are only 6 or less people allowed at one table or booth at a time? At Connect Partitions, we’ve made several products that are designed for the restaurant industry to help keep doors open and people safe.

1.) More Restaurant Partitions, More Customers

Connect Partitions designed our restaurant partitions to stand tall and do one job – keep customers and staff safe. Depending on what state your restaurant or cafe is in, and what the food industry policies and guidelines are in regards to the global pandemic, our partitions can replace the 6 foot socially distanced tables. When you place our partitions between all your tables, booths, and even bar top, you can gain your restaurant’s customers back to almost full capacity.

We understand that socially distanced booths and tables can limit your daily revenue, which is why when you invest in our plexiglass partitions, you can bypass those social distancing policies. Our products are designed for restaurants and to keep everyone safe and protected. Check out some of our products here to learn which ones your restaurant can benefit from today. 

2.) The New Norm

Our plexiglass partitions will become a norm in today’s day and age, so by having your staff members, customers, and daily clientele acquainted with them early on, your restaurant or bar will have a smooth reopening and successful business pattern going into the future. Connect Partitions wants to be a proud part of your restaurant’s success. 

3.) Social Distancing in Disguise 

Social distancing seems to be a norm in today’s day and age. You hear it everywhere you go and it can be hard to maintain a safe social distance in certain public situations, especially in restaurants. While some restaurants’ common areas might be more spread out and larger than others, it’s still important to keep your staff and customers divided in some sense. 

Our plexiglass partitions are a perfect way to social distance in style. When you see our partitions, the first thing that will come to your head is how stylish they are. Our partitions offer social distancing in more ways than you can dream of. They can ensure the safety and distancing your staff need between one another. Without these in your restaurant space, social distancing can seem like a challenge. A mask might also be mandatory since social distancing with our restaurant partitions won’t be in place. Connect Partitions highly suggests our partitions for the usual crowded restaurants to prove social distancing is possible in this industry, as well. 

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