3 Ways to Social Distance with Business Partitions

custom plexiglass partitions

Don’t let social distancing scare you from the reopening phase of your business. At Connect Partitions, we understand the stress you might be faced with, worrying about the wellbeing of yourself and your employees, or even if you are adhering to the right guidelines correctly. Let us help you reopen safely, and in style with our business partitions.

1.) Ordering More is Less

When we say ordering more is less, we have many meanings behind this phrase. Never skimp out on our products, as they can help your business in more ways than you might think.

Keep everyone who is a part of your business safe and protected behind our custom plexiglass partitions. Not only can they be used to social distance between employee to employee, but our partitions create an illusion of privacy, as well. They’re easy to move around and create a transparent wall between employees or staff. Whether somebody needs to take a quick client phone call or just needs some privacy to concentrate on a project, our business partitions can do the job easily. 

Ordering more of our custom business partitions also means less stress. Don’t feel the pressure of never ordering enough of one kind of our business partitions. Sometimes it can be hard to determine the exact amount you need, which is why we offer a sizing chart on our site on each product’s page.  

2.) Business Friendly Partitions

Connect Partitions doesn’t just consider restaurant owners and staff when we were designing our partitions, but rather businesses of all kinds. We understand that customers and clientele are what keeps your doors open at the end of the day. When you have a partition-friendly business, you’re set up for success in our books. 

Unlike most other partitions you will come across on the web, our business friendly partitions are designed in such a way that can actually catch the attention of your clients and even employees in a positive way. They’re sleek, elegant, adaptable, brandable, customizable and actually will give your company or business a new touch you weren’t expecting.

3.) Unobtrusive – Continue to Work without Interruption

Our plexiglass partitions offer an unobtrusive look and feel. This is unlike most bulky and unwelcoming partitions on the market. Ours are transparent, lightweight, effective, and even sleek for your business’s normal aesthetics. Make your daily clientele wonder if they should invest in Connect Partitions custom plexiglass partitions, as well.

Since our partitions and their material are also very highly customizable and brandable, they’re easy on the eye. Your clientele won’t be wondering if you bought these for the aftermath of the situation. They look like they were always an additional touch to your business’s or company’s interior design.

Being such a transparent and lightweight design, they’re easy to communicate through. This makes it easy to see around in any type of atmosphere. Our partitions are meant to blend into any type of ambiance or atmosphere, while also bringing positive attention to those who sit next to them or see them from a distance.

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