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Stadium Partitions - allow fans back

The nation is finally going back to normal! The nation is learning how to live again after being locked down for about a year. And now that it is spring again, sports teams are ready to see their fans in their stadiums again. Out stadium partitions are designed to help keep airborne germs to a minimum while keeping fans, employees, and players safe. 

Keeping Everyone Safe

Connect Partitions partners with stadiums and teams across the nation. One of our first big clients was the Miami Dolphins and their Hard Rock Stadium in Florida. We were able to help get them back on their feet during the pandemic because of the state’s lenient reopening policies. We supplied this stadium with stadium partitions for front desk areas, dining facilities, gift shops, and much more. Players were able to enjoy the company of their fans again at a limited capacity. By now, their stadium should be ready to seat even more fans than before by the time football season comes back around. 

Hard Rock Stadium - Stadium Partitions

Hard Rock Stadium in Florida with Connect Partitions’ Stadium Partitions

This is just one example of how Connect Partitions helps stadiums and arenas. Our stadium Partitions are made for much more, though. You can utilize these in baseball stadiums, basketball stadiums, hockey arenas, and much more. We want to keep fans, employees, and players safer than ever. You can do just that with our partitions.

Great for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Each sport is vastly different. That’s why our stadium partitions can handle conditions of all sorts. From outdoor environments to enclosed areas, our partitions are built to last a lifetime. We craft our partitions from commercial-grade plexiglass along with a durable powder-coated steel frame. Most of our partitions also come standard with wheels on the frame depending on which model you need. This allows for easy installation! Did we mention they also have magnets on the side of the frame that allows you to connect them easily together for a longer divided area? If you need to attach to a partition to a wall or surface, we also include brackets that leave no damage to any surfaces. 

Connect Partitions has a newer product that allows fans to drink, eat, and sit safely outdoors. They are called our Stylish Exterior Partition Walls with Drink Rails.  You can now amplify your outdoor bar and restaurant areas with these. We craft them with real mahogany and steel to give your gaming environment an edge that you won’t get with any other partitions on the market.  Because of their design, it only takes a short amount of time to set these up, too! Perfect for the ever-changing stadium or arena.

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