Brandable Plexiglass Partitions for Stadiums

brandable partitions

When you think of plexiglass partitions, what’s the first type of space you imagine seeing them? A corporate setting? A dentist office? A bus stop? Well, Connect Partitions wants to bring our brandable partitions to stadiums and outdoor sporting event facilities. 

Brandable Partitions For Your Team

Our partitions are the perfect new addition for stadiums and outdoor sporting event facilities. They aren’t some drag piece of plastic you’d find elsewhere to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Our partitions are lightweight, yet high grade acrylic that stops the spread of germs on contact. 

In addition to being one of the safest new features of your stadium or outdoor sporting facility, they are highly customizable and brandable. That’s right – you can put logos and brand names all over our plexiglass partitions. What better way to continue the team spirit through social distancing times than to customize a vital piece of safety? 

Easy to Move & Mobile-Friendly for Any Sporting Event

Our patent-pending sporting partitions can be easily placed between and even around an endless amount of surfaces. We want to assure you and your friends and family that there are no limitations when it comes to our custom plexiglass partitions.

Our partitions are also custom built to be lightweight, easy to use and move around a tight or spacious area, and can easily be connected with another one to extend your partition dividing walls depending on your facility’s setup. This is how we make social distancing easy for small and even large crowds.

They’re so easy to wheel around and lightweight enough to pick up that it makes going to sporting events under new strict guidelines a breeze. It also gives fans a sense of relief and safety where social distancing might seem impossible.  Give your friends and family peace of mind, while also adhering to a stadium’s or sporting facility’s rules and regulations.

Keeping Fans Safe in an Adaptable, New Way with Brandable Partitions

Connect Partitions main goal is to keep people safe, secure, and with peace of mind,especially crazy sports fans . Not only do our sporting partitions serve those needs, but they also maintain social distancing in an adaptable way that might not seem possible with an item such as partitions.

Connect Partitions designs its partitions to look sleek and stay efficient and effective – nothing like a usual partition at all. With all the designs and customizable options you can bring to your partition, it’s almost like a partition isn’t even between you and your customers. Our high grade plexiglass material, designs, patterns, and durability make adapting to the new rules and regulations of society much easier than you might have anticipated, especially for huge stadiums or sporting facilities where thousands and thousands of paying fans come to gather.

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