Fast Delivery On Plexiglass Partitions For Businesses

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Connect Partitions offers fast shipping here in the United States. We specialize in New England, but cater to states across the nation. Delivery time is very short in comparison to other protective products for restaurants on the market.  Your restaurant can reopen for business fast. When you receive our plexiglass partitions ahead of schedule, reopening will be smooth and seamless.

Connect Partitions also offers bulk order shipping. With thousands of restaurants throughout the nation, it can be hard for them to order just a few partitions. Many might be needed. If there is a chain restaurant that needs to be furnished with plexiglass partitions, Connect Partitions offers bulk shipping options. When you order in bulk to save on your investment and stop spreading germs throughout their dining area, you’re giving all your customers and even employees the peace of mind they’ve been hoping for when you reopen your doors. 

Floor Planning Services For All Our Plexiglass Partitions

If you’re unsure of how many partitions your business or restaurant might need, Connect Partitions offers floor plan services. Understanding the square footage of your space is very important. How a layout is particularly set up can help us determine how many of our partitions.  Because of this, we have a better understanding of square footage.

Connect Partitions will come out to the restaurant, cafe or bar, or any other type of business to determine how many partitions will be needed throughout the space. Connect Partitions wants your restaurant to look perfect, yet feel comfortable for your customers.

After our first step of determining how many of our plexiglass partitions will be needed, we will provide a review of the schematic layout that would work best for the common restaurant space. Since all restaurants offer a different type of layout, Connect Partitions wants to make sure that we maximize your table or bar top count, while adhering to important social distancing rules and regulations set in stone by your specific state. 

We Don’t Obstruct Restaurant Layout

We always make sure that footpaths and walkways are clear and walkable by our partitions. Connect Partitions also ensures that we are productive with where exactly each partition goes. When we say this, we want to assure you that we are maximizing your floor plan.  Social distancing may not be required in some states if you have plexiglass partitions or a solid barrier between groups of people. Adhering to social distancing regulations alone would lose you about 20% of your business, which in turn would hurt your daily profits. We strategically position our partitions to increase capacity. This, in turn, helps increase restaurant profitability. 

With our partitions as part of the layout, restaurants wouldn’t lose any of their tables and still be adhering to your specific state’s guidelines of keeping your customers and staff safe and protected.

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Want to Learn More?

We want you to learn more about how businesses can flourish again with our partitions. Check out our Ultimate Guide To Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions E-Book!

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