How Connect Partitions Took “Sneeze Guards” To The Next Level

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Connect Partitions makes some of the highest quality restaurant partitions on the market today. We understand that restaurants and businesses across the nation are frantically getting ready to reopen their doors to the public, which is why our next level “sneeze guards” are perfect for their space.

More Than Just A Sneeze Guard

Our restaurant partitions are more than just a sneeze guard. We craft them from commercial grade plexiglass with a solid steel frame for the best durability.

When you imagine your newly redesigned restaurant with our partitions,  we want you to think “durable,” “sanitizable,” and “stylish.” One phrase that a lot of restaurants and businesses are using for partitions is “sneeze guards.” This is not the type of product we sell, as it can scare customers away.  “Sneeze guards” and “splash guards” aren’t meant to be in your classy, upscale, or even family friendly restaurant. At Connect Partitions, we sell classy, elegant, and customizable plexiglass restaurant partitions suitable for any style of restaurant space. 

Quality Design & Custom Branding

Our restaurant partitions aren’t even comparable to sneeze guards. They might have a similar function, but instead of bulking up space with thick plexiglass sneeze guards you might find at a gas station, our restaurant partitions are sleek, beautifully designed, and meant for a restaurant’s aesthetics of any design. 

With Connect Partitions, we made sure our design, material, and overall look was sleek, yet durable. Our restaurant partitions are a stylish way to stay connected all the while being divided. This is going to be the new normal for the restaurant industry for months to come.  When restaurants invest in Connect Partitions, they are making the change their restaurant, bar, or lounge areas need for the future. 

We also made sure to have quality designs and patterns for restaurants to pick out when they partner with us. We tried to make our restaurant partitions less like sneeze guards, in the fact that they are highly customizable and brandable for restaurants across the nation. The options are limitless, very unlike sneeze guard options. 

Giving Customers Peace of Mind with our version of Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards can give the impression of a more barbaric term that Connect Partitions typically strays away from. Our plexiglass partitions are designed for restaurants for a reason. They are durable, transparent and easy to clean. Give your customers the peace of mind we’ve all been hoping for. Did we mention they’re durable and can last years past the pandemic? 

Reopening a restaurant to the public may seem like a stressful journey, but at Connect Partitions, our restaurant partitions are meant to make the process easy. The number one thing we want to make sure restaurants encounter when they reopen is to ensure the safety and peace of mind of customers and staff. Connect Partitions gives restaurants that ability. Check out our line of quality restaurant plexiglass dividers and ditch the bulky “sneeze guards.”

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