How Drink Rails Can Spruce Up Your Outdoor Area

DrOur newest product is our stylish partition walls with rails. You can easily separate one party from the next with these custom built partitions. Made from sapele mahogany and steel, you can bring on the style, yet protectiveness, with our drink rail partitions.  Maintain social distancing in an efficient, adaptable way with Connect Partition’s drink rails. 

Amplify your exterior restaurant seating area with our mahogany and steel exterior drink rail partitions. Give your outdoor seating or standing area a whole new look.  Our drink rails optimized for restaurants. But feel free to use them in any type of outdoor or exterior arrangement.

Great for Stadiums

Our drink rail partitions are perfect for indoor and outdoor stadiums or sporting event facilities. The fencing panels galvanized steel and are also excellent for outdoor use along with an exterior-grade wood and power coat for the steel.  Our free standing drink rail partitions are modular to fit any space, big or small.  

We understand that stadiums and sporting event facilities can constantly optimize seating and standing arrangement for its fans; that’s why our drink rail walls are easily deconstructable for a quick set up or easy storage. 

Dress Up Our Drink Rails

Dress up our exterior partition walls with drink rails hanging lights or banners off the tall poles that they come standard with. Whether you are interested in Connect Partition’s drink rails for outdoor seating, or even an outdoor brewery or bar, this product can take your space to the next level.

Drink Rails for Social Distancing

Our drink rail partitions are not only for design and holding drinks, but they’re also for safety and protectiveness. During this difficult time with the pandemic, our drink rails are the perfect product to ensure your guests, clientele, or fans are still practicing social distancing with our awesome product. 


Take advantage of our drink rails today. Not only are they one of our newest products, but they’re going fast in the summer months for all the outdoor seating options that are now available to the public. 

Spruce up your exterior seating or standing arrangement with our drink rail partition walls. It’s the perfect addition for your stadium, restaurant, outdoor office eating area, and much more!

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