How Hair Salon Partitions Can Help Your Business

hair salon partitions

If you own a hair salon or barber shop, reopening to the public can be a challenge hygiene-wise. Connect Partitions understands the challenges you come face to face with.  This includes limited customers a day, fewer staff on the floor daily, and much more.  When you put your customers’ or clients’ health and safety on the line, your salon or shop can close in a split second. That’s why our hair salon partitions are vital for your daily business.

Keep Everyone Protected With Hair Salon Partitions

With our salon partitions, keep your stylists and customers safe and protected. Connect Partitions offers sleek salon partitions that can make all the difference in your salon or barber shop. Custom built with our quality, commercial grade plexiglass, we can make sure the ambiance of your shop remains sleek, tasteful, and peaceful. 

Hygiene-Friendly Hair Salon Partitions

Connect Partitions is a business that strives to keep businesses safe and hygiene-friendly, but also is proud of its partitions that can be used in almost any environment. Salons and barber shops usually have a particular atmosphere that we adhere to. Hair stylists and barbers also are in close contact with customers on a daily basis. Our salon partitions are meant to be sleek, all while keeping a “safe space” between both parties.  

Connect Partition cares about all your staff members, not just the ones on the floor. Our salon partitions can also be used for front desk management to keep your receptionist protected, as well. Our formulated plexiglass is perfectly visible for both parties and doesn’t create any sort of obstacle when customers have to pay or communicate with your staff. 

The New Norm

Our salon partitions will become a norm in today’s day and age, so by having your staff members, customers, and clients acquainted with them early on, your salon or barber shop will have a smooth reopening and successful business pattern going into the future. Connect Partitions wants to be a proud part of your salon’s success. 

Customizable & Brandable Partitions

Connect Partitions offers many different types of themes for your business’s partitions. You can maintain social distancing in an efficient, yet effective way. Allow your clientele some peace of mind with a design-forward, sophisticated look. You can choose from a variety of different patterns to fit your salon’s environment. But if that’s not enough, you can also brand our partitions. Add your logo or brand name.  Give your salon’s partitions the look that they mean to have in your newly partitioned business.

The multiple ways you can customize our partitions allows you to achieve effectiveness and awareness of social distancing. Also bring on a look that’s less obtrusive and more inviting, especially in a salon environment. 

Learn More

Learn everything there is to know about our custom partitions in our e-Book, The Ultimate Guide To Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions for Businesses.

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