How Portable Partitions Can Help Your Daily Business

portable partitions help restaurants reopen

The coronavirus hit at such an unfortunate time. Although there is no right or wrong time for such a catastrophe to hit the nation, Connect Partitions is making a big change to the way your business can stay in business – our lightweight, yet durable, portable partitions.

Insanely Easy to Move Around

Our portable partitions are easy to haul around any kind of business.  Whether you work in an office or own a restaurant, our partitions make reopening easy. Connect Partitions makes the work life much easier when it comes to reopening your business or restaurant for you and your employees. We made our portable partitions so much easier to use within your space, whether it is a small local business or a large corporation with hundreds of employees. Our patent-pending mobile partitions can be easily placed between and even around tables, work benches, kitchen counters and counter tops, and desks and chairs. We want to assure you and your business that there are no limitations when it comes to our mobile-friendly partitions.

Our partitions are lightweight, easy to move around, and can be put together to extend your the setup.

Connect Partitions also makes our portable partitions available to use for just about any seating arrangement or floor plan. They have durable caster wheels welded to one side of the partition base for easy moving.  These wheels are inset to reduce tripping hazards and have a low profile of two inches. This meets egress requirements. In addition, their position on the base is so that the wheels are only engaged when the frame tilts to approximately 20-30 degrees. Reopen your restaurant quickly and efficiently when you invest in our portable partitions. 

Portable Partitions Are A Great Investment You Won’t Regret

Plexiglass partitions, safety barriers, and “sneeze guards” are going to be a product you will see far into the future. Connect Partitions knows the severity of staying safe, clean, and healthy at all costs. We want to help your business go up the right path. This will be an investment your restaurant will benefit from in the long run, not just during the pandemic.

mobile partitions

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We want you to learn more about how businesses can flourish again with our partitions. Check out our Ultimate Guide To Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions E-Book!

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