How The Hard Rock Stadium Reopened Safely With Our Partitions

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We know football is a favorite of millions of fans across the nation. With teams spread out from coast to coast, there are plenty of fans waiting to see a live game again. At Connect Partitions, we partner with stadiums that are ready to take the right steps in securing safety within their stadium. One proud partner is the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. 

The Hard Rock Stadium Redesigned

The Hard Rock Stadium and the Miami Dolphins partnered with us because they wanted to keep their fans, staff, and players safe. Although actual attendance for their games is only a percentage of their normal attendance, safety is still a concern. 

Their investment in our stadium partitions helps combat the spread of germs throughout. By placing them strategically where fans are more prone to be, germs are limited. You can find our stadium partitions in their cafes, shops, and desk and reception areas to name a few. They want to make sure they utilize our stadium partitions to not only keep their staff safe, but to keep their fans safe, as well.

Personalization Helps Disguise Our Stadium Partitions

Although partitions aren’t one thing you want to see installed throughout a stadium, it’s one item off their checklist that can ensure safety. We custom design our partitions so they can be personalized to your liking. By adding brand names and logos to our partitions, it’s one easy way to disguise the real reason behind safety partitions and walls. 

The Miami Dolphins and the Hard Rock Stadium took measures into their own hands. This is to assure fans that they are doing everything they can to keep up with the pandemic. By disguising our stadium partitions to look and feel like part of their stadium, it also gives their fans some peace of mind.

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